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X’s and Ro Video Mailbag Series

Miami Hurricanes are singing the post Clemson beat down blues. What can they do to bounce back? The linebacker position is a hot topic.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Lot of great questions this week in X’s and Ro like this one. Is Cam’Ron Harris vision a cause of concern? The Clemson Tigers did a remarkable job of bottling up the run game and dominating the point of attack. You could have had the vision of an eagle wearing glasses and still would have been bottled up.

We watch the tape and go back to week one vs. UAB when Harris showed great patience and vision to hit the hole and break out a big touchdown run. If Clemson’s defensive coordinator Brent Venables doesn’t schematically shut you down as efficient as he did, I do not think this question comes up.

Miami is also ranking towards the very bottom of the nation in terms of 10+ yard plays given up defensively. (74/76) With 19.5 plays a game going over that mark, what are some of the reasons why? The awareness on Clemson’s first touchdown shows the need to improve the overall football IQ on that side of the ball.

There is also a big test this week coming off what would be a historically downtrodden Miami Hurricane team after a big loss. Will the Miami Hurricanes let the Clemson Tigers beat them twice? Pitt is two points away from being 5-0 and have one of the nations best defenses coming in. Miami needs an A game this week that includes emotionally as well.

A few more question that we tackle in this edition of post Clemson blues. They say film don’t lie. Popcorn and pencils. You know the drill.