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Student of the Game Video Series: Miami Vs. Pitt

31-19 was the final score and many people thought it would be easy. When the Miami Hurricanes face off against the Pittsburgh Panthers, it usually never is.

Miami Hurricanes grind out win vs. Pittsburgh to bounce back from Clemson loss Michael Laughlin/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

When the dust settled the score was 31-19. Please remember Miami was in prime position to score again as the clock hit all zeros and the Canes triumphantly settled into its victory formation. Student of the Game this week tried to focus on the looks Pitt gave you and elaborate on some of the talent they had up front.

It wasn’t easy sledding into the victorious outcome but the Miami Hurricane’s offense knew with Pat Narduzzi’s aggressive minded risk vs. reward defense, some shot plays were to be had. Rhett Lashlee and the offense capitalized on those moments. Two play action passes got the panthers to bite air and two huge touchdown passes were the result.

D’Eriq King was barely over 50% on the day and threw two interceptions in the contest. Improvement needed. However the two interceptions were not the fault of the quarterback. A defensive end was more physical than his counterpart and got his big mitts on the ball and another was a tip of the cap moment. Narduzzi is capable of winning moments in a chess match if not the whole damn thing.

Both interceptions came off the same route concept. However when the quarterback isn’t perfect, it is nice to end up with a stat line that includes four passing touchdowns. It wasn’t that long ago that stat lines like those would have been celebrated by a particular hive.

The run game had a few new wrinkles this week and I would like to see that prerogative continue moving forward. The Pitt defense gave up a cool Ray Lewis 52 yards a game rushing in 2020 so when you consider the Hurricanes grinded out 109 that is a win. You more than doubled them on their seasonal average.

What was the concept that King’s two interceptions came on? How did Miami get guys so open on a couple of occasions? How did Miami adapt without Brevin Jordan not being in the game? Those are some of the questions we answer in this week’s SOTG. Popcorn and Pencils are your only requirements. The only active participation required is when we all collectively yell BANG!!!!!