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Edgerrin James and the Players’ Tribune

Edge wrote a piece about his place in football, and it’s everything that makes him a legend.

Miami Hurricanes v WVU Mountaineers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Miami Hurricane legend Edgerrin James penned a piece for the Players’ Tribune called, “The Things I’ll Never Forget,” and it personifies Mr. James’ life and career. James grew up in the muck, Immokalee, FL, a town of 26,000 in South Florida. At Immokalee High School, James was a standout running back before signing with the Miami Hurricanes.

While James never got to taste victory over the Florida State Seminoles, his presence on the field was felt for three seasons in orange and green. His work ethic, leadership, and character set the tone for the resurgence of the 2000 season and the National Championship winning 2001 team.

In the piece, James shows his love for Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay, Reggie Wayne (of course), and his family. Family plays a huge role in James life- from the way he treats his mother to the stories of his love for his own children- James is a class act all the way.

At Miami, James was the tailback who broke UCLA’s will in 1998. A game that put Miami back on the map and gave James the breakout, national game he needed to head to the 1999 NFL Draft. In the NFL, James ran for 12,246 yards with 80 touchdowns, and another 11 receiving TD’s. He played for the Colts, Cardinals, and Seahawks and was a four-time Pro Bowl selection.

But more importantly- James is a man who used his signing bonus to to good back in Immokalee, who turned his legendary work ethic into a Hall of Fame career, who escaped “My Home,” but never turned his back on it, and a dude that is a HOF dad, too.

Read his piece, the final line is perfect.