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Storm Center: Virginia eve

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Good morning. The Miami Hurricanes play football tomorrow night. Here are plenty of stories that talk about it:

College Football News’ game preview is a little more flattering again this week, with them having the Canes winning and covering. has an in depth preview of the game from a Virginia perspective.....if you’re into that kind of thing.

Susan Miller Degnan of the Herald writes about Miami trying to rid itself of the cloak of mediocrity that has plagued this team for almost two decades now, along with a look at UVA’s quarterbacks.

Around State of the U:

Marsh examines Miami’s secondary vs. UVA’s Billy Kemp IV.

Justin Dottavio gives his always insightful film preview of the game.

Marsh notes the impact Gilbert Frierson has had at the striker position.

John Michaels gives a matchup to watch, specifically the UVA QB position.