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GAME THREAD: Miami Hurricanes vs Virginia Cavaliers

Miami looks to run the record to 5-1 with a win against the Cavs at Hard Rock Stadium tonight

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Welcome to primetime again, Canes.

After bouncing back with a win against Pittsburgh, the Miami Hurricanes look to continue their winning ways with a victory over Virginia tonight.

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Another matchup to watch is Virginia WR Billy Kemp IV vs anybody, says Marsh Thomas

Here’s this week’s installment of the Arms Race by Roman Marciante to see how the QBs — including all 3 with linebacker and DE numbers for UVa — stack up.

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Today’s Jersey Combination:

And there you have it. Hop in the comments and discuss the action as Miami and Virginia match up at Hard Rock Stadium for the 2nd consecutive year (a quirk of the COVID-19 redesigned schedule).

See you in the chat!

Go Canes