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Is 5-1 not enjoyable?

The Canes are 5-1, yet people act like they are 1-5.

NCAA Football: Miami at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Miami is 5-1. Let me repeat that, the Miami Hurricanes are 5-1.

Has it been perfect? No. Were they competitive with Clemson? The answer once again is no, but to dismiss a 5-1 start like it should be a given is naïve.

NCAA Football: Miami at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Once upon a time the Canes would show up, whoop an inferior team’s ass, and go about their business. Those days were the 1980’s, parts of the 90’s and the early 2000’s. Those days are 18 years in the rear-view mirror, and Miami is not there currently. The problem is most Miami fans have the expectations that Miami is still the top dog in college football and not the team that is coming off 7-6 and 6-7 seasons. The Canes won Saturday night 19-14 over an average at best Virginia team, and if you checked social media, it looked like the sky was falling.

Miami ended 2019 in as bad as shape as the program has ever been. Losses to La Tech, Duke, FIU and Georgia Tech littered the final tally. Miami was 6-7 and was facing more huge offseason questions. Manny Diaz once again won the offseason with the hire of Rhett Lashlee and the transfer of D’Eriq King to play QB, but where do fans and media think it is a given that Miami will just blow teams out?

It is now 2020, and the Miami Hurricanes have done exactly what they are supposed to do. UAB, Louisville, FSU, Pitt and Virginia were all worse than the Canes, and Miami got the victory they were supposed to get. Had Miami done that in 2019, or 2018 we would not be in this situation. Heck, had they beaten the Cavaliers in 2018, N’Kosi Perry might still be the QB, and Mark Richt might still be the coach. Problem has been for many years the Canes would show up and challenge one of the big boys in college football, and then lay down and lose to teams that were far inferior.

In 2020 we have no room to poo-poo wins. Every win this year is a building block towards the future no matter how lethargic or mediocre the team looks in doing so. Think back to 2017 and the magical 10-0 start. Were we critical at times that the team was not blowing people out, sure we were, but the bigger picture was Miami was once again winning football games? By the time Miami beat Virginia 44-28 in comeback fashion, there was a euphoric state around the program. This season has not been as enjoyable. UAB saw all types of complaining that the offense was too predictable. Louisville more complaining about the defense being too soft and unprepared. FSU was different because it was the Seminoles and 52-10 against that group will always be celebrated. Clemson was a litmus test that the Canes failed big time, but no one realistically thought Miami would win that game. Fast forward to Pittsburgh and Virginia and people acted like Miami lost by 2 TD’s each game.

It is time to get back to enjoying football for what it is. Football is a 3 plus hour escape from the real world. Football is a time to sit around and drink with your friends and have the ultimate outcome being our team winning on a Saturday. Social media has eroded a lot of that joy on Saturdays. I have fallen victim to the constant complaining, normally during a win I stay in a good mood.

All of Miami’s goals are still intact.

Miami can still make the ACC Championship game.

Miami can still win 10 regular season games.

Miami can get another shot at Clemson.

Miami can make a New Year’s Bowl game.

Let’s sit back and enjoy the fun ride of being around a Top 12 football team that can get better and end up with a really good season. Are there valid concerns about the play on the field? Yes there are, but those concerns should be less magnified as long as Miami keeps winning. Next up is North Carolina St on a Friday night oin Raleigh. If Miami can overcome the bugaboo of playing poorly after bye weeks, another problem spot will be eradicated.

The Canes are a good football team.

Watching them win is fun.

In 2020 where seemingly everything has gone wrong for a lot of people, can we stop complaining about every little thing for once?

Go Canes!