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X’s and Ro: Video Mailbag

What is the Miami Hurricanes best matchup next week vs. Clemson? Braveheart or Gladiator?

Miami v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

X’s and Ro is a video mailbag that answers questions (all types apparently) and gives clarity. By clarity I fully disclose that it is my totally biased opinion. Here were some of the questions that were answered in this week’s video mailbag.

Matchups and personnel were a hot topic this week online and we take aim at what the game plan might look like when two top ten teams face off. Under the lights and with all the world watching, will the Miami Hurricanes show up and show out?

One question we tackle this week is what does Lashlee need to do to prepare our WR’s? The leading pass catcher on this Miami Hurricanes team is Brevin Jordan with 15. But when you consider nine different pass catchers caught the ball in the first quarter alone vs FSU, you realize all is not lost.

Miami is establishing a spread the wealth mantra on offense and so many guys have been benefactors of this prerogative. Also consider this when there is only one ball to go around, distribution might be a positive aspect that keeps kids happy and out of the portal.

In closing, will the Clemson Tigers and their big game experience and recent championship winning ways get the best of the Hurricanes? Another new series for the SOTU faithful will take aim and continue setting the stage. You don’t need your pencils this time around but popcorn is always preferred.