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Friday Canes Trivia

Time to find out how much you know about your favorite football program.

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After a week off to recharge the batteries, WE’RE BACK for another round of Friday Canes Trivia. Congrats to last contest winners 5andcounting and SBERG, who each got a total of 7 correct. Not too many surprises. Most of you nailed Ottis Anderson on question 10, which I thought my trip up a few more of you. Selwyn Brown and Jack Losch several folks.

Last week’s correct answers are:

1) Against whom did Miami open its 2001 championship season?

d) Penn State

2) This Hurricane tied the UM record with 12 catches in a single game in a 40-9 win over USF in 2012.

a) Phillip Dorsett

3) Why did Howard Schnellenberger opt to kick a field goal as time expired in a 31-7 Miami win at Florida in 1980?

c) Florida students pelted the Miami sideline with frozen oranges, hitting a cheerleader and a UM assistant coach.

4) Since winning the program’s first national title in 1983, how many undefeated seasons has Miami posted?

b) 3

5) In 2001, who won the prestigious academic Heisman award for UM?

d) Joaquin Gonzalez

6) This defensive lineman earned All-American honors as a senior in 1977, when he set a school record with 15 sacks.

b) Don Latimer

7) In 1997, the Canes set a school record for most 300+ yard rushing games to start a season. Home many times in a row did they do it?

b) 3

8) This former UM running back set a school record with a 90-yard touchdown run, which was later matched by Duke Johnson in 2014.

d) Jack Losch

9) Who has the longest interception return for a touchdown in school history?

b) Selwyn Brown

10) Between 1975 and 1978, I rushed 691 times for 3331 yards for the Canes. I was drafted by the then-St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the 1979 NFL Draft. After 8 seasons with the Cardinals, I spent 7 seasons with the New York Giants, eventually earning Super Bowl MVP honors. Who am I? Ottis Anderson

And now, on with this week’s questions!

1) How many completions did UM starting QB Kirby Freeman have against NC State in the second to last game in the Orange Bowl in 2007?

a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 3

2) Miami has two one-loss national championships, in 1983 and 1989. Who did Miami lose to in those respective seasons?

a) Florida, FSU

b) Notre Dame, FSU

c) Florida, Colorado

d) BYU, Nebraska

3) In which foreign country did UM play in 1979?

a) Ireland

b) England

c) Australia

d) Japan

4) True or False: Miami has played in the Orange Bowl more than any other bowl game.

5) In addition to wreaking havoc on the football field, Vince Wilfork also set the Miami indoor track school record for which event?

a) Hammer throw

b) Javelin toss

c) Discus throw

d) Shot put

6) This national championship winning quarterback wore #7 at UM.

a) Craig Erickson

b) Ken Dorsey

c) Steve Walsh

d) Bernie Kosar

7) Which of the following was NOT included in the inaugural Ring of Honor class in 1997?

a) Jim Dooley

b) Jim Burt

c) George Mira

d) Vinny Testaverde

8) Which of the following won Miami’s only Jim Thorpe Award?

a) Ed Reed

b) Sean Taylor

c) Selwyn Brown

d) Bennie Blades

9) In what year did the Canes and Gators play the final game of their ANNUAL series?

a) 1986

b) 1987

c) 1988

d) 1989

10) In 1981, Mark Richt came off the bench in relief of an injured Jim Kelly and rallied Miami to a 21-20 win (thanks to a last-second Danny Miller field goal) over which rival?

a) Notre Dame

b) Florida

c) Florida State

d) Boston College