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Everything Manny Diaz, Rhett Lashlee and Blake Baker said on Monday

Miami improved to 7-1 on the season with a 25-24 win at Virginia Tech.

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes improved to 7-1, with a 25-24 win at Virginia Tech on Saturday.

Here’s what head coach Manny Diaz had to say in his Monday press conference.

-On Miami’s win on Saturday:

  • “Happy to get a win this weekend. It was a great team effort. Virginia Tech played really, really well. We still know it’s not our best effort. On to the next one.”

-On the offensive line against Virginia Tech:

  • “I felt like Virginia Tech’s defense for 3 quarters, competed harder than our offense. Our offensive line, we were disappointed in how they played.”

-On Jon Ford, Sam Brooks Jr. and Bradley Jennings Jr. :

  • “Jon (Ford) played really well. Jon’s put together really good performances the last 2 weeks. I thought Bradley Jennings played really well. It was good to get Sam (Brooks) back in the game. Really proud of those 3 players.”

-On Rhett Lashlee’s name coming up for head coaching spots:

  • “That’s a compliment to our program. We’re doing everything we can, to make everybody comfortable at the University of Miami.”

-On Jaelan Phillips:

  • “He plays so hard. He put together an August camp that was better than any defensive end I’ve ever been around. To have a player like Jaelan, what a great example for everyone on the football team.”

Offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee was next to speak, here’s what he said.

-On his name coming up for head coaching spots:

  • “I’m so invested in what we’re doing right now. Miami is a destination spot, this is a great place to be. I love our offensive staff, I love our whole staff, I love our players. It’s a process. We’re clearly nowhere where we want to be.”

Continued subject:

  • “You gotta be where your feet are. I’m really invested in what we’re doing, and I’m fully committed to that. I’m having more fun coaching than I’ve ever had. We love living here in Miami, I think that matters. My family is the most important thing to me.”

-On the offensive play against Virginia Tech:

  • “We were flat (on offense). We just didn’t execute. We didn’t do the things to win a game on the road. It was a weird game. I didn’t feel like we were playing fast, but we ran 86 plays. The way our defense was playing, it gave us a chance.”

More notes from Rhett Lashlee, he noted that Corey Gaynor and Zion Nelson have been the most consistent when it comes to run blocking. He’s also excited that Navaughn Donaldson will be available the rest of the year.

Defense coordinator, Blake Baker, was last to speak.

-On Miami’s 4th quarter defense:

  • “Our last 6 games, we’ve allowed 17 points in the 4th quarter. More than anything, our guys are getting better and better every week.”

-On the linebackers and the run defense:

  • “Stopping the run, it’s all 11 players. Linebacker play, BJ Jennings has had by far his best games as a Hurricane. Sam Brooks played well. Still need to clean up the big runs.”

-On Sam Brooks and Jon Ford:

  • “Sam’s continued to earn more and more playing time. I thought he did an excellent job. He responds well, his role has increased.” “Outstanding game, best game of the season. I thought he (Ford) played outstanding for us on Saturday.”

-On Bubba Bolden’s struggles lately:

  • “Biggest thing for Bubba, is consistency. More than anything, it’s relaxing, getting back in his groove, letting the plays come to him. Plays are going to be there. He’s going to be fine. We haven’t lost any confidence in Bubba.”