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Storm Center: Hoops prep, Canes thankfulness, and more

Miami v Duke Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Good morning, everybody. Hopefully you all had a terrific Thanksgiving yesterday. The Miami Hurricanes do not play football this weekend due to stupid COVID-19, as we all know. However, as usual, we still have you all covered here at State of the U with fresh, daily Hurricane content.

With every player receiving an additional year of eligibility, Marsh ponders whether D’Eriq King will return next year.

John Reynolds ranks the Florida schools...with Miami near the top and FSU flirting with the bottom, as usual.

Also, with college basketball starting up, John profiled Canes Hoopers Isaiah Wong and Nysier Brooks.

With this being Thanksgiving week, Justin Dottavio and Stephen C. Cheatham give us things they’re thankful for Canes-wise during this bizarro and difficult year.

(Also, for those who play, there will be no Friday Canes trivia this week, as I noted in the comments of last week’s piece. We will get back at it next Friday.)

Everyone have a great weekend!