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The Arms Race: Hockman/Finley vs. D’Eriq King

The Arms Race is a video series that puts opposing quarterback’s prior film and debates who reigns superior. Will D’Eriq King regain his thrown this week as two Wolfpack gunslingers take aim.

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The last time NC State was on the field, it was busy sending in two quarterbacks to get drubbed by the instate rival UNC. Bailey Hockman was 14-24 adding a TD through the air and Ben Finley was 13-20 adding a TD via both the air and ground. Both quarterbacks would combine to throw three interceptions.

Finley showed some flashes but the freshman couldn’t escape the rookie mistake. Finley turned the ball over three times including a costly fumble deep in his own territory. A simple quarterback quick pass to the running back was snuffed out and inexplicably Finley panicked which led to catastrophe.

Hockman is a smooth delivering south paw who showed some really good touch on various throws throughout the game. Hockman’s game plan seemed to focus more down field whereas Finley was called to execute mainly a quick pass attack. Hockman is listed as the starter when the Hurricanes travel to Raleigh to face the pack this Friday night.

D’Eriq King was not to be outdone this week. 70% accurate and the deep ball touch that had come so under fire was on fire. A quarterback’s job is to deliver the 50/50 ball and it’s the wide receiver’s job to win them. Both entities stepped up last week and King threw for over 300 yards and no interceptions vs. the Cavaliers.

Here you will see an example of both quarterbacks throwing a quick slant and leading their wide receivers. In both instances, two opposing linebackers were in prime position to make a play. Just goes to show you the margin of error can be infinitesimally small from play to play. The quarterbacks won this round.

King and the offense managed to only amass 19 points. True. It was the often long stretches of an ineffective run game and poor red zone efficiency that led to the diminutive point output. King has avoided the turnover in 4 out of the 6 games he has been in including the last time he touched the field.

The Arms Race is in full swing and this is also an opportunity to scout the opposing team. The Hurricanes are close to being double digit favorites on the road and you can also lump King in the favorites category this week. Pencils and popcorn, you ready?