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Friday Canes Trivia

Time to find out how much you know about your favorite football program.

NCAA Football Covers - Miami Hurricanes Coach Jimmy Johnson - National Champions - January 11, 1988 Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Congrats to Stratos1, who answered 8 questions correctly last week. I wondered how many of you would remember the 1979 Canes, known as the “Jet Lag Kids”, who set an NCAA record for miles traveled in 1979 (over 28,000). That team went to Tokyo and played Notre Dame, where they lost to the Irish 40-15. I have always wondered when/if Miami would play a game overseas again. As long as we’re not going to a war zone, count me in for that road trip, wherever it might be.

Here are last week’s correct answers:

1) How many completions did UM starting QB Kirby Freeman have against NC State in the second to last game in the Orange Bowl in 2007?

b) 1

2) Miami has two one-loss national championships, in 1983 and 1989. Who did Miami lose to in those respective seasons?

a) Florida, FSU

3) In which foreign country did UM play in 1979?

d) Japan

4) True or False: Miami has played in the Orange Bowl more than any other bowl game. True

5) In addition to wreaking havoc on the football field, Vince Wilfork also set the Miami indoor track school record for which event?

d) Shot put

6) This national championship winning quarterback wore #7 at UM.

a) Craig Erickson

7) Which of the following was NOT included in the inaugural Ring of Honor class in 1997?

b) Jim Burt

8) Which of the following won Miami’s only Jim Thorpe Award?

d) Bennie Blades

9) In what year did the Canes and Gators play the final game of their ANNUAL series?

b) 1987

10) In 1981, Mark Richt came off the bench in relief of an injured Jim Kelly and rallied Miami to a 21-20 win (thanks to a last-second Danny Miller field goal) over which rival?

b) Florida

On with this week’s questions...

1) In 1972, Miami was the beneficiary of a rules error. Trailing 21-17 with less than a minute to play and facing 4th and 24, Canes QB Ed Carney’s pass fell incomplete. However, the officials gave the Canes a fifth down, and Carney connected with Witt Beckman for a 32-yard score that gave Miami a controversial 24-21 win. Who was the opponent?

a) Florida

b) Rutgers

c) Tulane

d) Georgia Tech

2) In which of the following comeback victories did Miami face the biggest deficit?

a) 1979 at Florida - 22-21 win

b) 2012 at Georgia Tech - 42-36 OT win

c) 1987 at Florida State - 26-25 win

d) 2003 vs. Florida - 38-33 win

3) This Hurricane found the end zone twice in the first quarter as Miami jumped out to a 17-0 lead in the 1984 Orange Bowl.

a) Glenn Dennison

b) Alonzo Highsmith

c) Eddie Brown

d) Albert Bentley

4) Miami has one win at Notre Dame in its history. When did the Canes triumph in South Bend?

a) 1982

b) 1984

c) 1986

d) 1989

5) I was a consensus All-American as as a senior at 1974 at UM. I played for the Los Angeles Rams for 13 seasons as a guard, where I made the Pro Bowl 5 times and played in Super Bowl XIV against the Steelers. I retired after the 1987 season and was inducted into the UM Sports Hall of Fame in 1989. Who am I?

6) This Hurricane player was shown kissing a Miami cheerleader after winning the 1988 Orange Bowl and the national championship, which graced the cover of the January 11, 1988 edition of Sports Illustrated.

a) Steve Walsh

b) Michael Irvin

c) Dennis Kelleher

d) George Mira Jr.

7) How many times has Miami defeated the #1 ranked team in the AP poll?

a) 5

b) 7

c) 9

d) 12

8) Miami’s final victory in the Orange Bowl Stadium was against whom?

a) Georgia Tech

b) Virginia Tech

c) UNC

d) Duke

9) Miami players carried Larry Coker off the field after his final game as head coach, an MPC Computers Bowl win to cap off the 2006 season. Who did the Canes beat?

a) Georgia

b) Boise State

c) Nevada

d) Michigan State

10) Miami has had two Outland Trophy winners. Who are they?

a) Jim Burt; Warren Sapp

b) Jerome Brown; Cortez Kennedy

c) Leon Searcy; Vince Wilfork

d) Russell Maryland; Bryant McKinnie