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Student of the Game: Miami vs. N.C. State (1st half)

This game was HUGE. Student of the Game will be taking this in parts this week as the 44-41 thrilling win for the Miami Hurricanes deserved it. North Carolina State would lead at half time 24-21.

Miami Hurricanes grind out win vs. Pittsburgh to bounce back from Clemson loss Michael Laughlin/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The final score would be 44-41 after the dust settled In Raleigh, North Carolina. This game was an epic opus for the offense who would eventually compile 620 total yards of offense, 30 first downs and a walloping 83 plays ran.

We will take aim on the first half just like a surgical D’Eriq King did. King would open the contest compiling three passing touchdowns including a really nice designed play to Will Mallory along the goal line. Miami needed to blazingly bounce back in the red zone after a rather downtrodden performance there vs. UVA.

King’s second touchdown was a touch money dime. Teams have simply dared you to beat them one on one outside and Miami has been efficiently taking advantage of this opportunity in recent weeks. Here you see Dee Wiggins blow past his cornerback for the easy pitch and catch.

It was however a tale a two tapes. Miami’s defense would give up 41 points and allow a rather inexperienced Bailey Hockman go 19-28 for 248, 2 TD including a receiving TD. You will see Miami’s awareness for throwback passes is rather abysmal.

Go back to the Clemson week and you will find a play where offensive linemen play opossum early only to punch you in the mouth late. Miami ferociously over pursues and takes the flow bait as the Hockman led Wolfpack would get on the board early to make it 7-0.

Enjoy the first half of the Rally in Raleigh as the Miami Hurricanes proved that it would be a team that did not quit. And neither do we. Student of the game first half action is upon us. Get your pencils and your popcorn. There’s 3 BANGS in the first quarter and Miami still hits the locker room down three. Oh the suspense...