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Coach Feeley talks fastest players on UM. Offensive line notes from Coach Justice. Coach Patke impressed with Gilbert Frierson

Coach David Feeley shared his thoughts on who the fastest and also strongest players are on Miami.

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On Tuesday, the media had a chance to hear what OL coach Garin Justice had to say, along with special teams coach Jonathan Patke and strength and conditioning coach David Feeley.

Coach Justice:

-On Navaughn Donaldson

“We’re trying to be as careful we can with Navaughn. His rehab has been going well. We’re in a good place with him. He’s a guy that I’d like to slowly mix in to games.”

-On Jakai Clark

“Thing about Jakai, Jakai has been steady. Jakai is a guy who is always going to be a factor in what we’re doing here.”

-On status of Miami’s offensive line

“We’re probably the most healthy we’ve been since UAB, o-line wise.”

-On Issiah Walker Jr.

“We’ve had Issiah on scout team. But Issiah shows a lot of upside. It’s been good to have him, get settled in.”

-On Miami possibly bringing in an offensive lineman from the transfer portal

“You never turn down a great player. I don’t know if it’s something we will actively try to do. If great players present themselves, I’m never going to say no.”

Coach Patke:

-On Gilbert Frierson

“Really proud of Gilbert, what he’s done this season. I was really pleased early of Gilbert. I challenged him to be physical, and to be a better tackler, and he’s rode to that challenge.”

-Coach Patke says he’s been pleased with what Gurvan Hall has been able to do as a punt returner, also thinks that Jaylan Knighton is close to breaking one on kickoff return.

-Coach Patke also mentioned that he has not had a conversation with kicker Jose Borregales on whether or not he’ll return in 2021.

Coach Feeley:

When asked about who has helped improve the culture at Miami, coach Feeley mentioned D’Eriq King, Jaelan Phillips, Corey Gaynor, Zach McCloud, Cam Harris, Clay James and Lou Hedley.

“They will rally the troops. They’re not just drinking the Kool-Aid, they’re making it,” coach Feeley said about those players mentioned above.

-On maintaining social distancing in the weight room:

“Those guidelines are set in place for a reason and we’re not bigger than that. If we don’t keep our players safe, which is Coach Diaz’s number one priority, we don’t have a program.”

Coach Feeley said that the fastest players on the team are Dee Wiggins, Jaylan Knighton and also Mark Pope. When it comes to strength by size and position, coach Feeley noted Cam Harris, Don Chaney Jr. and Al Blades Jr.