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GAME THREAD: Miami Hurricanes vs North Carolina Tar Heels

The now-turned regular season finale is yet another revenge opportunity for the Canes.

It’s Miami Nights 2.0 for the Canes this afternoon.
Miami Athletics

Welcome to the regular season finale, everyone!

Your 8-1 Miami Hurricanes, ranked 10th in the latest CFP rankings, return home for the regular season finale against the North Carolina Tar Heels, ranked 17th at 7-3 on the year.

This game is now all of a sudden senior night, as next weekend’s game against Georgia Tech has been cancelled due to Georgia Tech facing injury attrition and not having enough available players to safely compete in a game (or so their AD says).

And this is a game between programs that do not like each other. Carolina famously blew Miami out a few years ago with every player during the game celebrating by throwing the “U down” hand sign....with nary a sideways glance from the refs nor a penalty being called. And Miami responded with a win in a following year, with Braxton Berrios, a North Carolina native, raising that U up in front to the Carolina home crowd.

There’s more, but yeah, we don’t like them and they don’t like us. And I’m fine with that. They don’t have to like us, but they WILL respect us.

If you can’t tell, I’m VERY ready for this game. I won’t be tweeting it along with you today (Justin Dottavio has the keys to the twitter, I’m neck deep in NSD prep), but I’ll be watching and rooting, as always.

Here’s How To Watch by me.

Here’s our X’s and O’s preview by Justin Dottavio

Here’s our Matchups of the Week by John Michaels

We’re always talkin’ QB’s around here. Jump into the Arms Race by Roman Marciante to see how they stack up. This is the best QB matchup since King and Sunshine from the Clemson game and you do NOT want to miss Roman’s analysis here. Top level stuff.

Here’s this week’s unavailability report for Miami. And it’s blessedly short.

  • CB Al Blades Jr. is out for the year after COVID-19 testing unveiled he has Myocarditis.
  • The new updated is RB Jaylan Knighton being out for the year with a Shoulder injury he sustained last week in the game at Duke.
  • DT Jared Harrison-Hunte had earned his way into the starting lineup midway through the year, but he continues to miss time with an elbow injury.
  • And OT Issiah Walker Jr. is out still as a transfer from Florida.
  • This means that Miami has a full roster available. Only 3 players from the active roster out with injury, and a transfer still out as a transfer. Everybody else is back, including starting DT Jon Ford, starting LB Zach McCloud, and more. What a great thing to see. That’s awesome. I’m so happy for them individually, and the team corporately.

Here are 3 things to watch by Carl Bleich

Here’s a look at the 2-headed RB combo for Carolina that Miami is tasked with stopping today, by Jake Marcus

Here are today’s jersey combo for today’s game:

Miami is going with the Miami Nights 2.0 jerseys. All black everything. Here’s our photo gallery from the unveiling, with the update having the updated helmet: black with orange face mask.

For Carolina, they’re going classic uniforms: white helmet, white tops, and navy blue “britches”. They’re so Southern lol.

That’s it. From pre-game prep pieces to player availability to sartorial choices, we’ve got you all covered. So tune into the game on ABC at 330pm, tweet along with Justin on the SOTU twitter, and hop in the comments to discuss the game with your closest internet friends.

Happy gameday, everyone.

Go Canes