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Student of the Game Video Series: Miami Hurricanes vs. UNC

The Miami Hurricanes got embarrassed on the national stage when the North Carolina Tar Heels came into town. Was it a fireable offense? Let’s go to the film (If you are glutton for punishment) and find out.

Notre Dame v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The University of Miami just put together the worst defensive performance in school history. UNC amassed a staggering 778 total yards and simultaneously erased any iota of good the Hurricanes have done this season. It was that bad.

Infuriatingly frustrating was the fact that the Tar Heels didn’t use any trickeration or anything exotic. It resembled a Richt offense in terms of only implementing a hand full of the same running plays to the tune of 554 painful agonizing yards.

Michael Carter had 24 carries for 304 yards and Javonte Williams had 23 carries for 236. Those are literally career days individually but when you consider they happened on the same field, in the same game? That is the reason Miami will not be featured in any New Years higher echelon bowl.

Miami needs to upgrade at linebacker like yesterday. Not one Miami Hurricane is listed in the top 50 in ACC tackles. The linebacker play for me was the reoccurring theme in a bad nightmare. The LB core were helpless often taking bad angles, easily blocked or simply non existent.

Where does Miami go from here? When this staff is responsible for “a worst” in school history it typically will lead to some soul searching and eventual pounds of flesh. This was the most disastrous type of performance the university could have suffered in that moment. Losing a close one or by a few scores sure but that? That was a fireable offense.

If Miami was a young teenager getting their driver’s license, all it had to do was park in the final spot and procure the golden ticket to freedom. Instead it found some hapless old lady across the street and decided to hit her with the car. Popcorn and Pencils. This one will be tough to watch.