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ACC Power Rankings: Championship Week

Clemson vs Notre Dame will be for ACC supremecy.

NCAA Football: Miami at Duke Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

That thud you heard was the Miami Hurricanes getting run over, around, and through by the UNC Tar Heels. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong in a 62-26 humiliating defeat that likely will cost Miami an Orange Bowl bid. The ACC Title game is this week and for once should be an incredibly good game.

Here are the Final Regular Season Power Rankings.

1. Notre Dame (10-0) Notre Dame is likely locked into the playoffs if they are not blown out in Charlotte. Next Game ACC Championship vs Clemson

2. Clemson (9-1) – Clemson will look for revenge in Charlotte against Notre Dame who beat them earlier in the season 47-40. Next Game ACC Championship Game vs Notre Dame

3. North Carolina (8-3) – The Tar Heels played their best game of the year 62-26 over Miami. Michael Carter led the way with 308 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. Next Game Bowl Game TBD

4. Miami (8-2) – Embarrassing …554 yards on the ground, 778 total yards allowed. Kirk Herbstriet said it best, all the good will Miami built up during the season went out the window in 60 minutes of football. Next Game Bowl Game TBD

5. North Carolina St (8-3) – 8-3 was an exceptionally good bounce back season for the Wolfpack. Next Game Bowl Game TBD

6. Boston College (6-5) – 6-5 was a solid 1st campaign for Jeff Hafley. Next Game 2021 as the Eagles opted out of a bowl game.

7. Pittsburgh (6-5) – Vincent Davis ran for 247 yards as the Panther cruised past Georgia Tech 34-20. Next Game 2021 as the Panthers opted out of a bowl game.

6. Wake Forest (4-4) – Time off was not kind to Wake as they were throttled by Louisville 45-21. Next Game Saturday 12:00 PM vs FSU

7. Virginia Tech (5-6) – The Hokies got revenge for 2019 beating UVA 33-15. Khalil Herbert ran for 162 and a score. Next Game 2021

10. Virginia (5-5) – UVA was beaten by their in-state rivals 33-15. Brennan Armstrong threw for 259 and 2 scores in defeat. Next Game 2021 as UVA opted out of a bowl game.

11. Louisville (4-7) – The Cardinals wrapped up a disappointing season 45-21 over Wake Forest. Next Game 2021

12. Georgia Tech (3-7) -The Jackets won 3 games in Geoff Collins’ 2nd year and decided not to play the finale against Miami. Next Game 2021

13. FSU (3-6) – FSU finally won a game 56-35 over Duke. Jordan Travis threw 2 scores in the win. Next Game Saturday 12:00 PM @ Wake Forest

14. Duke (2-9) – Season came to an end 56-35 vs FSU Next Game 2021

15. Syracuse (1-10) – Very disappointing 1-10 year which could lead to some coaching changes. Next Game 2021

Go Canes