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Miami Hurricanes 2021 Recruiting Notebook: OG Laurence Seymore

Help in the trenches is on the way in the form of this All-American lineman.

OG Laurence Seymore is just the kind of player Miami needs to add to the OL.

In this installment of The Recruiting Notebook, we meet a big, physical lineman who will help pave the way for rushing and passing success for years to come: Miami (FL) Central OG Laurence Seymore.


One of the positions that has needed improvement in depth and talent at Miami is the offensive line. To help get where they want to be on the roster, Miami looked to local powerhouse Miami (FL) Central to get a commitment from blue-chip OL Laurence Seymore.

Nicknamed “Big Baby”, Seymore has been an integral part of the Central offensive line for 4 years. He helped the Rockets win State Championships in each of his first 3 years of high school, so he has a history of winning experience to his credit already.

Like many local players, Seymore is a kid that Miami has known about for a long time, and one who has wanted to play at Miami since he was a young child. And, early on in his high school career, Seymore made the decision he wanted to play at Miami. And, to make that happened, Seymore committed to Miami in March 2018...the spring of his FRESHMAN year of high school. With that commitment which has been in place for more than 2.5 years, Seymore is the longest tenured commit in this class by far.

Of course, a player of Seymore’s talent will continue to be recruited by other teams, in spite of a standing commitment. Teams like Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida State all offered Seymore, and tried to build a connection with him, after his early commitment to Miami.

And, for a time, it seemed like another team might have been able to swoop in and sway Seymore away from Miami. But, the Canes made a couple shrewd moves, including offering and accepting a commitment from Seymore’s younger brother Lamar, a 2023 WR recruit, and that was enough to keep the talented interior lineman in the fold. Seymore shut his recruitment down just last Tuesday, and signed with Miami today.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Recruiting Ranking

On the 247sports composite, Seymore is a 4-star prospect, the #10 OG nationally in this class, #23 in the State of Florida, and #162 recruit overall.

An Under Armour All-American, Seymore committed to Miami over Florida and Florida State, and a list of 17 offers from around the country.

As a Player

At 6’1” 293lbs, Seymore has a solid build for an interior lineman. He’s played both inside at Guard and outside at Tackle in his HS career, but he’ll be a full-time interior player at the college level. He’s already big and strong, but college is a different animal than HS. So, the focus for Seymore will be getting strongER, but not necessarily too much bulkier, unless that’s what he chooses to do physically.

Seymore plays the game with a mean streak that, if you’re a fan of line play and/or the team he plays for, you love to see. Seymore can routinely be seen burying his opponent well down the field, finishing blocks and playing to the whistle every play.

One of Seymore’s strengths as a player is his mobility. Even from his position at Tackle for Miami Central, Seymore can be seen pulling on running plays, and opening up gaping running lanes when he gets there and executes his block. And, if you know anything about HSFB, you know that Miami Central has had a devastating run game for years. That’s in large part due to the blocking of Seymore, and his compatriots on the Offensive Line.

Seymore shows a solid base in pass protection, and mirrors his assigned defender well. Seymore doesn’t have the longest arms in the world, and could struggle getting his hands on lengthier players at the college level. This will hopefully be mitigated as he moves inside to Guard full-time.

Here’s another look at Seymore as a player from 247sports Southeast Recruiting Analyst Andrew Ivins:

A compact build with a wide base that’s on the shorter side. Former youth football star that got varsity snaps early on at one South Florida’s top programs. Physical finisher that doesn’t pass up an opportunity to lay a lick or bury his target. Has no issue getting to the second level and is a road grader in the run game. Doesn’t take many if any snaps off. Plays with good leverage although can lose balance at times in pass protection. Lacks functional length which suggests he will likely need to occupy one of the guard spots at the next level. Must get stronger. A fierce competitor that wants to be the best. Should become a starter at the Power 5 level.


  • Run blocking
  • Physicality at the point of attack
  • Championship experience


  • Must get stronger physically
  • Arm length
  • Refining technique at Guard after playing Tackle in HS

Miami Outlook

Note: changing this up from just a freshman-season outlook to a career outlook for each player.

It is always tough to project Offensive Linemen from HS to College. Many analysts believe it is the toughest position to project (yes, even moreso than Quarterback).

For Seymore, I would expect a redshirt or limited reps for his first year before working his way into the conversation along the OL as a 2nd year player. But, we’ve seen several true freshmen in recent years develop physically after enrolling early and work their way into playing time in year 1, and since Seymore is enrolling early in January, he could follow that progressional path as well.

Whether he’s at Miami for 3, 4, or 5 years, expect Seymore to be an integral part of the offensive line in the years to come. All-ACC Honors are a possibility here, but that would be at or near the top end of his future development. But hey, let’s shoot for the stars and hope OL Coach Garin Justice is able to get Seymore to that level of performance. Because, if that happens, there will be plenty of points on the board and wins on the record for the Miami Hurricanes over the next few years.

That’s it for this installment of The Recruiting Notebook.

Go Canes