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Next Level Quarterback Film Review: Jake Garcia

The now former USC commit Jake Garcia has always been rumored to be the guy. Now, he’s committed to The U. Let’s see what Miami is getting in this blue chip signal caller.

Miami v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Jake Garcia is a 6’2 12 195 pound exquisite armed quarterback who originally played his high school ball out in California. He made waves when he transferred across the continental U.S, in order to play ball for Georgia powerhouses Valdosta, then Grayson high school.

Let’s be honest, the former USC pledge had company when highly touted 4 star quarterback Miller Moss also became a trojan man. (You know you are humming the theme song) So the flip was in many ways inevitable. In an era where quarterbacks don’t win the job and seek transfer methodologies, to start off in a crowded quarterback room didn’t seem advantageous for Garcia.

Garcia considered his options for a moment, but decided to become a Miami Hurricane in his Signing Day announcement just a short bit ago.

Now over to Garcia’s game. He is an exceptional arm talent. He has the ability to throw with straight line zip to the wide side of the field and also shows the innate ability to level. He can throw with touch and can anticipate the receiver’s break.

He has a great fundamental footwork base at his level and can stay tall after the delivery of the football. Very balanced and comfortable entity in the pocket. Garcia has a good reset and gather game and shows that he has definitely been coached up.

Good field reader and I appreciate the symbiotic relationship he has with his offensive coordinator. OC shows a ton of trust in his QB and big plays are part of the Grayson diet.

Garcia is a borderline zone read capable QB and can extend chains with his legs. Designation of a pro style passer would be accurate. In terms of running ability I would say closer to Kaaya than King. Good news is offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee has shown the capability to tailor make the offense around his quarterback.

The commentary at the end of this video breakdown will provide more back story on the matter. The “Next Level” is more popcorn than pencil but we can still have some fun with it. Maybe you can get some cherry Garcia with a side of blue chip.