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Playoff Rankings Blah Blah.....Go Beat Duke.

I expect to see an angry, fired up Canes squad on Saturday night.

Miami v Duke Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Ok yes, we all saw the updated College Football Playoff Rankings, and in case you didn’t know, Miami still sits at the #10 spot, as Iowa State jumped the Canes for the #9 spot.


I’m not here to talk your ear off how the rest of the country doesn’t like Miami, because I think all UM fans are aware that we’re not exactly the “media darlings” of college football. I’ve written about that before, and so has hundreds of other sports writers and columnists over the last 30-plus years.

I’m here to say, who cares?

We can cry and moan all we want on social media, but it doesn’t change the fact that we can only do one thing in response to the rankings, and that’s win.

On Saturday, when the Canes take the field in Durham to play the Blue Devils, I expect to see a pissed off Miami team, ready to take their frustration out on Duke. Yes, UNC is the game after this, worry about that on Saturday night, when you’re flying home after a blowout win over the Blue Devils. That game next weekend doesn’t matter as of right now, Duke does.

No, this isn’t going to be a matchup between two top-25 teams. Heck, Duke is coming into the game with a 2-7 record. Even better for the Canes, win by 30 then. Miami coaches have talked about the last two days when speaking to the media, on how certain position groups are the healthiest they’ve been, possibly since the UAB game. Awesome, then this upcoming game should be no contest.

I don’t want to see a game, that Canes fans are accustomed to watching in recent memory, where Miami is sluggish for four quarters, and inches out a 24-20 win. The national media will notice if you struggle against this Duke team, but then again, they also wouldn’t really raise an eyebrow if Miami comes out and wins 45-10. You know what, the second option sounds a whole lot better. Whether or not you move up a few spots in the CFP rankings doesn’t matter that much to me, nearly as much as coming back home to Miami with an 8-1 record does.

Don’t come out on Saturday, still upset that the rest of the country isn’t respecting you, and play subpar football because of it. Come out Saturday, and use that for motivation, and leave no doubt. I want to see the Canes team that beat FSU 52-10, not the team that hung on for a 19-14 win against UVA.

I want, no, I NEED, to see a Canes team that knows they’ve lost two in a row to Duke, and are looking for some revenge. Two years ago, Duke came into Hard Rock Stadium, and beat the Hurricanes on their home field. Last November, Miami left Durham, following a 27-17 loss to a 4-7 Blue Devils team.

I want the UM players that were there for those losses, to leave no doubt this Saturday. Past Canes teams may have lost, or played down to inferior opponents, but the past is the past.

It’s almost like that scene in Wolf Of Wall Street, where Jordan Belfort is talking to his employees. “Are you behind on your credit card bill? Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing. Is your landlord ready to evict you? Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing.”

Did the College Football Playoff put a two-loss Iowa State team ahead of you in the rankings? Good! Go score 50. Are some fans worried that you’ll have another ugly win? Good! Go score 50.

Yes, I know I sound like Miami-homer-Marsh right now, but sometimes I just have to say what’s on my mind, and a blowout win is on my mind. We weren’t originally scheduled to play Duke this season, but now that we are, it’s time for some payback. Get it done, take care of business, and let’s move on to 8-1.