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The Arms Race Quarterback Video Series: Spencer Sanders vs. D’Eriq King

Spencer Sanders is the quarterback for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. D’Eriq King is the quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes. One is coming off a route. One just got routed.

TCU v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Spencer Sanders might not be the most famous Spencer in the Big 12 but he still is an effective quarterback. The 6’1” 205 pound sophomore from Ryan High School joined the Oklahoma State Cowboys in 2018.

Sanders has compiled 1702 passing yards 10 touchdowns vs. 8 interceptions while maintaining a 61.8% passing clip. The Cowboy’s QB is also the third leading rusher in terms of attempts so he factors well in the run game.

Here you will see both Sanders and D’Eriq King with the penchant for the improv. If it is open mic night both are very capable add libbers as you see Sanders adapt a broken play into pay dirt. Not to be outdone, King rolls the pocket and finds an open Mike Harley for a first down.

The 10 touchdown vs. 8 interception ratio isn’t brag worthy. Here you will see how Sanders is late and not great across the middle. I am not one to say you shouldn’t throw late across the middle. I see Patrick Mahomes roll out and do it consistently. You just can’t be late an inaccurate when you decide to pull the trigger.

When a post snap picture shows a cover two drop into a Cover 3 robber, it gets the Cowboy gunslinger to misfire and the Baylor Bears come away with the errant pass.

King was a non factor in the 62-26 beat down by the hands of the Mac Brown Tar Heels. To no fault of his own, hard to be great when you can put up a 50 spot on offense and still lose by double digits. This was a game where you really couldn’t judge the Miami offense on merit but rather take the vantage point of a salvage operation.

Even in a moment where he throws a good ball, a fresh out of high school cornerback robbed Wiggins and the emergence of a true dominant X receiver was not there this season for the Canes. In comparison, Oklahoma State had two wide receivers who were top 10 in the Big 12 conference. (Tylan Wallace, Dillon Stoner)

This is a great play design by Okie State as the delayed over concept and subtle use of a pick by the referee lead to a touchdown for Stoner. The Cowboys were in a ton of max protect looks and this bought the time necessary for Sanders to complete the pass.

Popcorn and pencils time. The Arms Race is the video breakdown series that focuses on all things quarterbacks but can’t help but notice the ambiance as well. For the last time this 2020 season, The Arms Race yells BANG!!!! #gocanes