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Forget About The UNC Game, Beat Oklahoma State.

Stop talking about the Tar Heels loss, it’s time to beat the Cowboys.

Bethune-Cookman v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Whenever you lose a game, it’s not a good time. I hate losing more than anyone, but I like to think that I can put a loss behind me as a sports fan/writer after about a day. However, the 62-26 loss to UNC two weeks ago at Hard Rock Stadium, that one lingered, just because of how embarrassing and humiliating that game was.

I talked about the game for probably a week, whether it was at my job on the radio, or on social media. But now, it’s out of my system. Don't want to hear about the rushing yards, or see the clip of Amari Carter getting ran over. I’m over it.

Many fans however, are not over it. They’re still talking about it daily, and we’re now two weeks passed that game.

I don't really care if the fans continue to talk about it, because they’re not the ones that have to play a very talented 20th-ranked Oklahoma State team on Tuesday in the Cheez-It Bowl. If the Hurricanes and Manny Diaz, if they’re still thinking about the Tar Heels game, that’s when it’s a problem, and that’s the trap we’ve seen this team fall into so many times in the past. The Canes lose a big matchup late in the season, and just can’t seem to get it together for their bowl game.

Focus on the Cowboys, focus on Orlando. This is the only bowl outside of a New Years Six game that features two ranked teams. So this isn’t the MPC Computers Bowl against Nevada, or the Independence Bowl against Louisiana Tech, or the Sun Bowl against Washington State. If Miami wins this game, you’ll be able to end this season on a high note, beat a good team, and make people somewhat forget about that loss a couple weeks ago.

So which Hurricanes team will show up? How will the coaching staff approach this game? Did they take the UNC game as a learning opportunity, fix their mistakes, and come out and play improved football? Or, well I don't have to explain the other option.

In my opinion, this is a very big game for Manny Diaz and this program. Can they prove they can go up against, and beat a ranked team? Can they begin to prove wrong the thought, that Miami can’t win bowl games?

Like I said in a previous article, even if the Hurricanes don't win this game, I wouldn't consider this season as a failure. I still would be very excited and optimistic about the future of this football program. Though, these are the kind of games coach Diaz will need to start winning, if this Miami turnaround is to be taken seriously by those outside of Coral Gables.