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GAME THREAD: Miami Hurricanes at Duke Blue Devils

Back like we never left, and we’re looking for REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Welcome back to another Miami Hurricanes gameday, everyone! And this week, we’re looking for revenge!!!!!!!!

The Miami Hurricanes travel to Durham, NC to face the Duke Blue Devils, an ACC Coastal foe who has defeated the Canes in consecutive years for the first time in the HISTORY of either program.

While the Blue Devils are struggling this year with a near-nation’s worst -13 turnover margin and a 2-7 record (1-7 in the ACC), Miami is enjoying one of the best seasons in recent memory at 7-1 (6-1 in ACC). These are teams in very different places, and on very different trajectories. This is a game where, in their return from a 2-week COVID-19 hiatus, Miami should purge years of bad results against the Blue Devils.

And, since this game is at Duke, I’m contractually obligated to include video of Miami’s epic 8-lateral, game winning kickoff return at Duke in 2015.

And yes, David Njoku’s crackback block during #TheReturn is STILL my spirit animal.

Here’s How To Watch by me.

Here’s our X’s and O’s preview by Justin Dottavio

Here’s our Matchups of the Week by John Michaels

Another week, another long list of unavailable players tonight. Here we go:

Al Blades Jr, Jon Ford, Jared Harrison-Hunte, Zach McCloud, and Jeremiah Payton are all starters or top-of-the-rotation players. They’re all out tonight. And you can see the rest of the 15 man unavailability list up there too.

And a quick look at dynamic Duke Edge Rusher Chris Rumph II by Jake Marcus

We’re always talkin’ QB’s around here. Jump into the Arms Race by Roman Marciante to see how they stack up.

Here are 3 things to watch by Carl Bleich

Here’s why Miami needs to win, and win big, by Dylan Sherry

Here are today’s jersey combo for Miami: Classic away game colors

Back in action, and it feels good! Now, let’s go exorcise some recent demons and keep the winning streak going by beating Duke on the road.

Be sure you hop in the comments and discuss all the primetime TV action with your friends!!!!

Go Canes