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BREAKING: Hurricanes Starting SS Freddy Zamora Out for Season

The Hurricanes star shortstop will miss the year with an ACL injury.

Miami Hurricanes star shortstop Freddy Zamora will miss the 2020 season with an ACL injury. The injury seems to have happened in practice, although information is limited at the time. Zamora was poised to be a key piece for the Hurricanes this season, and his loss will not be easy for Miami to overcome.

Zamora is an extremely talented player. Expectations were high for him this season. Many expected Zamora to play well this year and become a high MLB Draft pick in June. After this injury, those plans will have to be delayed for a year until Zamora recovers.

The Hurricanes will most likely turn to sophomore Anthony Vilar to fill in the void at shortstop. A multitude of options would then be available for the Hurricanes to fill in his spot at second base. Transfer Josh Lauck will most likely move into the starting lineup, he started in the alumni game last week and has good infield defensive skills. Tyler Paige and Luis Tuero would be two other options to fill-in the spot in the starting lineup as well.

Zamora’s offensive production will not be easy to replace. He is a middle-of-the-order bat who had the skills and talent to be an All-American this season. Zamora’s on-field leadership was also crucial, and Anthony Vilar will have big shoes to fill in that role on defense.

Zamora, a true junior, should be able to redshirt this season to retain eligibility. Assuming he takes that route of action Zamora would be able to play the 2021 and 2022 seasons in Miami assuming he didn’t leave for the MLB Draft after next season.

The Hurricanes start their season Friday, Febuary 14, at Mark Light Field against Rutgers. First pitch for the game is scheduled at 7 p.m.