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Miami Hurricanes 2020 Spring Position Preview: Running Backs

One of the many positional units on the roster that will have to step up and show that they belong within their new role.

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

With Spring ball starting next week, Miami truly needs to find their identity on the offensive side of the ball as they replace starters. One of those positional units that will have a new full time starter is Running Back. This room must step up from Cam’Ron Harris, Robert Burns, and the two Freshman. They will have a challenge of learning an entire new offense, but it will put them in positions for them to succeed.

Cam’Ron Harris

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We will now have Cam’Ron Harris take charge as our workhorse back, and he has all my trust in becoming a 900+ yard rusher for this season. A very talented Running Back from The State of Miami, he has all the tools to be very productive in an up-tempo spread offense. When his number was called last season, in the worst offense in football it seemed, he always did the most he could and made sure he fell forward each play.

In the 2019 season, he racked up 576 rushing yards, 5.1 YPC, and found the end zone 5 times. When he had a running lane and was able to get to the second level, he definitely showed his ability to make plays for the Hurricanes. We can have the argument that if we did not have the worst line last year, his YPC could have been closer to 7 yards. He is a pure One-Cut back who has speed and will lower his shoulder on any defender.

Part of my reasoning as to why I believe in Harris is how he carries himself as a Miami Hurricane. When Lingard transferred, he made it known on social media that you are either with or against us, which should be the mentality when being a Miami Hurricane. He wants to see our program succeed, and we need leaders like that if we want to be a successful program again.

Robert Burns

A local talent from Gulliver Preparatory School, who always featured talent to be a productive Running Back, just has been dealing with injuries most of his career. Coming into Miami, he was a highly rated prospect due to his potential when healthy. I am a fan of Burns and he will have the opportunity this Spring to prove that now is his time to get featured in this backfield.

With him being a bigger back at 217 pounds, he can always be used on short yardage plays and goal line. He doesn't posses great speed, but he can break multiple arm tackles. I would love to see Burns to put everything together and have a productive season whenever he is on the field.

Jaylan Knighton

One of our incoming Freshman who can solidify himself on the depth chart early in Spring. With the lack of depth and slight injury to Don Chaney, we can really see Knighton turn some heads. I have watched endless videos on Jaylan, and I still get excited each play even though I am well aware on what is about to happen. He already has great size at 5-10 178 pounds, and after a couple weeks with Coach Feely, I imagine him gaining size and maintaining his elite speed.

We are all aware of how great he was at Deerfield Beach as he ranks as one of the best Running Backs to come out of Broward County. In his Senior season, he rushed for 1800 yards, 9.9 YPC, and 26 rushing touchdowns. He is a very talented runner who will out run almost anyone and is capable of breaking tackles if he is not wrapped up.

Don Chaney Jr.

Don is a player who should have never lost his 5th star, but with him being a Miami Commit it is nothing new. Possibly the Ambassador of our 2020 recruiting class, Don Chaney is truly a special talent that does not come around often. The Hurricanes have been well aware of his name since before High School, and its a relief we finally have him enrolled. He is a player who never had that much talent around him at Belen, but he was still able to put up incredible numbers and was able to do special things when the ball was in his hands.

He played in an offense that was centered around him, and he truly showed out each play. He is a true team player and I really wish he was cleared to play right away for Spring. With his size listed as 5-10 203 pounds, there is no worries about him needing to add weight, just a matter of getting stronger and being able to be our future workhorse for the future. Very similar to Knighton, Chaney showcases exceptional speed and can score on every play, which should have Canes fans very excited for this unit for years to come.

Don Chaney also excited me with his work ethic as he trains all the time because he knows what it take to be one of the greats. He is definitely a player who I have been excited for since he first committed, and I can not wait to see him wear #2 for us, and carry on the legacy at RBU.


For the 2020 spring, I expect Cam’Ron Harris to be our best back on the team and for him to show why he should be trusted in big games. I am hoping for Burns to prove he can provide value to the room and be our power back. As for the Freshman, I do want to see Knighton turn heads early on and give us a glimpse as to why he can secure early playing time. Chaney needs to nurse his shoulder injury and get healthy first. By the time he returns, I anticipate him to challenge the other three backs for playing time!