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“I don’t think you can ever rate Hurricanes”: Canes legends debate who’s the best Hurricane of all time

Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne, and Michael Irvin break down the greatest Cane of all time question.

Florida State v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Super Bowl brought the best athletes from today and past generations to Miami. One of the highlights of the media and city surge was watching the endless panels between NFL icons. As we all know, whenever football greatness is assembled or a topic of discussion, Miami Hurricanes will be in abundance. Canes legends Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne, and Michael Irvin were a part of a Hurricanes-themed symposium for FOX titled, The ReUnion.

Several Canes fans watched the broadcast as the former players discussed Jimmy Johnson’s impending induction into NFL Hall of Fame, recruitment stories, the Miami championship mentality, and more. One question that drew some laughs and created quite a buzz was, “Who is the greatest Miami Hurricane of all time?”

Ed Reed, who was previously given the title in an article, exclaimed to an excited crowd, “They did a panel about this already. We can pull up the article.” Ray Lewis defiantly responded, “I ain’t see it.” The group of greats all resolutely agreed that when it comes to being a Hurricane, greatness is shared. The competitive battles between Canes on the practice field pushed them to achieve personal and team goals. They ascended as brothers. Ray Lewis concluded, “I don’t ever think you can rate a Hurricane. I don’t. You can’t rate us. We think alike. We hunt alike. It’s only one.”

The segment ended in laughs when Reggie Wayne let Michael Irvin know that he’s the best wide receiver to come out of Miami. Several fans began to reply with their lineup of Hurricane greats and rankings. Ed Reed’s name was a frequent draw. Some fans believe the likes of Sean Taylor, Jerome Brown, Russell Maryland, Bernie Kosar, and many others deserve the honor.

You can’t measure the heart and tenacity of a true Cane. After sustained acclaim and decades of success, it’s hard to just pick one legend. Do you think there is a GOAT Cane? If so, who is it?

Watch the full discussion below: