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Which Hurricane Had The Best Celebration Moves?

Thrill Hill against Texas in the Cotton Bowl? That and more

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Notre Dame at Miami Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes are one of the legendary programs in college football history, winning five national championships. Though, what most people think about when they ponder up memories of “The U” is Miami players winning, while also letting you know that they’re winning. No need to mince words, the Canes throughout time have been loud on the football field, and we like it that way.

Whether it was after a touchdown, following a sack, or even just a big catch or huge hit, there have been some classic celebrations from some Hurricanes.

To really take a look at this, and find which Hurricane had the best celebration moves, it’s only fitting you start in the 1980’s and early 90’s, when Miami’s swag was at the height of its power.

One of the great receivers in Miami history, Randal “Thrill” Hill, also goes down in UM lore with some of his moves that he showed off. The most famous, and arguably the most famous in Canes history, was against Texas in the Cotton Bowl in January of 1991. Hill caught a long touchdown from quarterback Craig Erickson, ran down the tunnel, and came back with his six-shooters.

Earlier that season, when the Hurricanes were on their way to a victory over Cal in Berkley, tailback Leonard Conley hauled in a touchdown pass, then danced around with teammates Lamar Thomas and Darryl Spencer.

That same Cal game, linebacker Jessie Armstead left some lasting impressions with his moves on defense.

One of my personal favorites was Horace Copeland, a receiver who played at Miami in the early 90’s. Most remember his actual play on the field, but everyone remembers his iconic celebration when he scored a touchdown; the backflip.

If you go back to 1985, you’ll find another one of my favorite Canes celebrations. Miami vs Notre Dame, btw the Hurricanes would go on to win 58-7. The highlight of the game came when All-American safety Bennie Blades intercepted a pass on his way for a touchdown, though right before he crossed the goal-line, fellow DB Selwyn Brown and Blades high-fives each other.

As we look at more recent memories with celebrations, while the championships aren’t piling up like they used to be, there have still been some classic moments after the play. Let’s go to 2017, Canes vs Florida State. After wrapping the Seminoles quarterback for a sack, defensive lineman Kendrick Norton decided to become a guitar player.

A few weeks later, when the Hurricanes were hosting #3 Notre Dame back in Miami, UM receiver Braxton Berrios cemented himself with his convict celebration following his touchdown.

Then finally, we have the best celebration out there, in my opinion. It’s probably happened with more players, but I can really only think of two who did it. The first was Berrios, in 2017, against the Tar Heels. Braxton catches a touchdown late in the game, and then just perfectly throws up the U.

Deejay Dallas also did this celebration throughout the 2019 season. To me, Dallas, along with Berrios, those were two players who just epitomized what being a Hurricane is all about, and what the U is all about. So to me, nothing beats the U celebration.