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Student of the Game: Miami vs FSU 1992

Rewind edition as we go back in time and learn about the game from a different perspective. A Student of the Game perspective.

Florida State Seminoles v Miami Hurricanes Photo by Bernstein Associates/Getty Images

The year is 1992. Bill Clinton was elected president, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York comes out in theaters, Matlock, Ren and Stimpy and America’s Funniest Home videos are invading your television. And of course your Miami Hurricanes are in the midst of a college football strangle hold and a 58 game home winning streak.

The starting offense had names like Torretta, McGuire, Bell, Thomas, Copeland and Williams. A high powered single back offense that took the nation by storm, the Miami Hurricanes came into this contest as the 3rd highest passing offense in the country.

The defense was dominant in this era and in the heart of its calamitous causing construction was a Bermuda Triangle. No, not the one highlighted by lush tropical islands and perfect climates but rather a trifecta of terror in the likes of Barrow, Armstead and Smith.

The game would end of course in customary wide right fashion. Another heart breaking defeat for Bobby Bowden by the hands of his arch nemesis or the foot of his own kicker. You can decide on those logistics if you choose.

So let’s take a time warp and enjoy becoming students in a different era. An era while in the background you are probably hearing Kris Kross, P.M. Dawn or a Pearl Jam song. Welcome to this video installment of SB nation’s Student of the Game: Rewind Edition.