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A Healthy Nesta Silvera Will Be Huge For Miami’s Defense

The junior defensive tackle is primed for a big year

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Although the Hurricanes are dealing with several injuries at the moment in spring practice, one player that they’re happy is back and feeling healthy is defensive tackle Nesta Jade Silvera.

This junior missed the first half of the 2019 season due to a foot injury suffered in fall camp, but once he returned, he became a force on the Hurricanes defensive line.

Though his first two years haven’t quite lived up to expectations due to injuries and what not, many are expecting Nesta in 2020 to become that next great Canes DT everyone thought he would be.

Coming out of American Heritage in Broward County, Nesta arrived in Coral Gables with much flare. He likes to talk on the football field, he isn’t shy about it either. He’s like if John Randle was wearing a Miami Hurricanes jersey.

Ever since he came to Miami, I’ve been a big fan of Nesta. One, because of his trash talking, and two, because of his talent. Although a lot of people like to just focus on his mouth, make no mistake about it, when his motor is going, Nesta can be one of the best players on the Hurricanes. Just ask the FSU offensive line what it was like going against him last November.

He is one of those football players that has always belonged in a Miami jersey. He’s not the kind of guy that’ll take plays off, but instead goes 100% every snap of the game that he’s in. That kind of competitiveness is exactly what the Hurricanes need, not just on defense, but the entire team. Nesta can be a true leader for Miami.

2018 we saw little of Nesta the freshman, 2019 he was a rotational player and we saw flashes of what he could become. 2020 is the season where Nesta takes that next step and proves people wrong, and he’s just the guy to do it. He’s already beginning to draw attention from those viewing spring practice.

I believe Nesta will start at one of the defensive tackle positions, with big Jon Ford taking the other starting spot. Very talented Jordan Miller will be quite involved in the DT rotation, accompanied by several unproven but highly touted redshirt freshmen. Combine that with the lethal weapons Miami has at defensive end led by Gregory Rousseau and Quincy Roche, and the Hurricanes should have the best pass rush in all of college football.

The Hurricanes aren’t asking for Nesta to have a season like Gerald Willis had in 2018, or become the next Warren Sapp. That isn’t being asked of him at all. All that’s being asked is for him to tap into that potential that he has, and once he does that, Canes fans will be very pleased with the results.