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What Should The Hurricanes Intro Song Be?

What song needs to be played when Miami runs through the smoke?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 06 Florida State at Miami Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One of the most exciting moments during any sporting event, is when the home team is introduced. The Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s always played Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project when their starting lineup was introduced, and it was legendary.

In college football, there’s so many great intros. You have Clemson running down the hill with Howard’s Rock. My personal favorite is Virginia Tech playing Enter Sandman as the Hokies take the field. I know Va Tech is Miami’s rival, but when you see that on television or you’re at Lane Stadium seeing it in person, when that song comes on and 60’000 fans start to lose their minds.......if you don’t get goosebumps then you’re lying.

The Hurricanes coming out through the smoke is no doubt iconic, and one of the great traditions in all of college football.

Now, they just need the perfect song to play before Miami comes out of the tunnel. In the past several years, I haven’t been impressed with the song choice for that minute before the Canes are unleashed with the smoke.

This is a serious matter to me, because I believe that song is an opportunity to take that home crowd, and multiply the noise level and intensity in the stadium to an even higher level. When I’m in Hard Rock Stadium, I need to hear something that’ll make me want to run through a brick wall.

So here are my top suggestions.

The first song, or artist that most people suggest is Trick Daddy, which totally makes sense because he’s from Miami and reps the Canes and the 305 very frequently. Let’s Go is definitely one that gets me going, and gives a great shoutout to Dade County near the end.

The next one is Dreams And Nightmares by Meek Mill. Halfway through the song when the song gets intense, you’re ready to take on an entire football team by yourself. When the Eagles played this classic while coming out at the Super Bowl, simply incredible.

Coming in third is Bawitdaba by Kid Rock. I realize Kid Rock may not be the most Miami musician ever, but this song GOES SO HARD. Before you judge, go listen to it. After a minute and a half you’ll be wanting to put on shoulder pads.

My final suggestion, and personal favorite, is Hells Bells by AC/DC. No questions asked, this is the song that should be played when the Hurricanes are walking through the tunnel and running out onto the field.


I love this song because this is what I grew up hearing as a kid in the Orange Bowl. I will never forget sitting, standing actually, in the OB with 75,000 crazed Canes fans around me, you’d hear Hells Bells and you knew it was go time.

What song am I missing? What do you want to hear when the Canes run through the smoke?