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Anatomy of a Swing: Miami Hurricanes C Adrian Del Castillo

Student of the game is continuing its assault on the diamond and looking at the game of baseball from a different perspective.

Adrian Del Castillo is no doubt the Miami Hurricanes best hitter. A freshman All American from a year ago, this current sophomore back stop ceremoniously introduced himself to the Mark Light mob with a 15 game hitting streak.

Del Castillo is a remarkable example of simplistic effortless beauty that intertwines exquisite and lethal connection with plane mastery into his swing. Early into the 2020 season, “El Caballo” is flirting with a .400 average and led the team in batting last year with a .331 clip.

The 5’11” 208 pound hometown boy makes his way from Miami, Florida’s Gulliver Prep high school. Although playing multiple positions last year, “El Caballo” finalized a position home this year as a catcher when he donned the tools of ignorance.

Obviously his fellow teammates do not consider him ignorant seeing Del Castillo was promoted proudly to a team captain for the 2020 campaign.

So what are the potential causes of his lethal efficiency? What changes did he make, if at all, from a year ago? Why is staying connected so important in terms of getting to the ball? Does he have any commonalities to fellow lefty power hitter Alex Toral?

State of the U’s Student of the Game Diamond edition will tackle all these questions in our exclusive video series. So this is the customary time to grab your pencils and your popcorn. Just hit play and watch Del Castillo’s swing play out like an art form in motion.