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D’Eriq King Showing That He’s the Leader This Offense Needs

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King’s strong impact has been felt just one week into spring camp.

Miami Hurricanes football practice Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

With the Miami Hurricanes introducing a brand new offense for the second consecutive season, leadership may be hard to come by. However, D’Eriq King has been embracing his role on the practice field and seems ‘up to the task’ when it comes to motivating teammates and impressing coaches.

Miami often looked tired and unmotivated on offense in 2019, with most of their problems reportedly relating to off-field issues. These issues mostly stemmed from the quarterback position, with confidence and focus being areas that plagued the corps most.

King hit the ground running, putting in additional conditioning work during the pre-spring camp program, and reportedly staying after practice to build chemistry with his receivers and new teammates. This kind of assertion is hugely beneficial for a program such as Miami’s, and we can assume that his personality and commitment will serve the entire team.

Aside from playmaking and talent, King is the type of player that Miami needs in order to win, consistently. It may remind some Hurricanes fans of the ‘good old days,’ where players ‘partied’ and had fun off of the field, but were all-business whenever they stepped in the Orange Bowl or on the practice field.

Unfortunately, it seems that partying may have been a bigger focus for some players in recent years, but leaders like King are changing the culture. It’ll take more than one player to officially install what Manny Diaz wants to implement, but it’s an important start towards achieving greatness.