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Student of the Game: Miami vs UCLA 1998

Rewind edition as the Miami Hurricanes, led by the 299 rushing yards of Edgerrin James, dash the national championship dreams of the then undefeated UCLA Bruins

Scott Covington

“What today showed was the immaturity on defense.” That was what befuddled Bruin quarterback Cade McNown said after realizing his national championship aspirations were now devastatingly dormant on the floors of the hollowed Orange Bowl.

After UCLA amassed 670 yards on offense and McNown set the school passing record with 513 passing yards, the Bruin signal caller wasn’t about to mince any words. McNown certainly did not shy away from where he thought the blame should be placed and rightfully so.

Scott Covington for the Hurricanes played well in his own right going 19-29 including 318 passing yards and three passing touchdowns. However this game was headlined by the ground and pound tenacity and big play ability of future NFL Hall-of-Famer Edgerrin James

James would be a record setter that day. He would shatter Ottis Anderson’s single season rushing record and his 299 rushing yards in a single game also set a Miami Hurricane record. (His 39 carries tied a Miami Hurricane record that day as well)

The Hurricanes were down 17 points in the second half at one point and needed quite the comeback to stun a Bruin team who was in the midst of a 20 game winning streak. A 71 play-action touchdown bomb to the electric Santana Moss was one of many.

This game arguably would lead the assault and usher in an era that would take the college football world by storm and would lay the ground work to construct the greatest collegiate team that ever lived. So enjoy 13 narrated clips from one of the greatest games in Miami Hurricane History.

1998 Miami vs UCLA. Student of the Game. Grab your popcorn. If you must know, Miami wins the contest 49-45.