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My Favorite Canes Jersey: Early 2000’s Home Green

Any early-2000’s Hurricanes jersey goes hand-in-hand with success on the field.

Syracuse v Miami Photo by Eliot Schechter/Getty Images

Orange is typically the most popular color we see when covering legendary Hurricanes jerseys. New or old, orange can always be found upfront on a Miami jersey. Unfortunately, not all are created equal:

Florida A&M at Miami Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Not so good.

Temple v Miami X


However, green offers a nice alternative to the bright orange. The dark green, especially the early-2000’s version, fits perfectly with the classic shoulder/strip design. That combination, and its synonymity with success, make it my favorite jersey.

Syracuse v Miami Photo by Eliot Schechter/Getty Images

The prosperity of the era should also be accounted for, of course. If the ‘Canes were terrible in the early-2000’s, we’d probably have a negative connotation with these threads, similar to the 2014 Nike abominations. The early-2000’s jerseys are the perfect joining of nostalgia and modernness, coming at the perfect time for newer Hurricanes fans who grew up with them, and older fans, who saw a reinvented look for their beloved ‘Canes.

Should Miami bring them back? It’d surely be exciting to see on the field, although the most recent game in which Miami wore ‘throwback’ uniforms didn’t go very well. Granted, the entire uniform wasn’t a ‘throwback,’ only the facemask was changed, but the uniform as a whole resembles the designs of yesteryears.