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Student of the Game: Miami vs. Texas 1991

Rewind edition as we go back in time with the Miami Hurricanes and find out how the six gun salute and a record setting amount of penalties shaped my Hurricane fandom.

Craig Erickson

Yes. Georgia Tech and Colorado split the national championship that year but the Miami Hurricanes 46-3 dominant performance over the Texas Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl was something that garnered national attention.

For starters it was known as the “anti-Miami” rule game. The oppressive NCAA was trying to limit the Hurricanes flashy and flamboyant on field temperament. On that day the authoritative zebra brigade in that little ole stadium in Texas would flag Miami 16 times for a total of 202 yards.

What was not offensive in any capacity however was the Miami Hurricane quarterback. Craig Erickson triumphantly ended his Hurricane career with 272 passing yards including a Cotton Bowl record four surgical touchdown strikes.

One of those touchdowns struck a chord so deep in my soul that it forever etched my love for the Miami Hurricanes into my orange and green DNA.

A press man corner got figuratively undressed as Randal “Thrill” Hill beat him and a safety soundly en route to a 48 yard touchdown. That was great. The approximate 75 yards that happened after the touchdown was even greater.

The smoking six gun salute will forever go down in Hurricane lore as one of the most iconic gestures in Miami Hurricane History.

Could this 46-3 dismantling of a number three team in the country be arguably the most impressive win in Miami Hurricanes history? You now can become a student of the game and find out. The Rewind series continues now on State of the U.