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Marsh’s Mailbag: Which Freshman Will Breakout For UM? Where Does Miami-FSU Rivalry Rank?

Where does the Miami-FSU rivalry rank in college football? Who’ll start at QB in 2021? That and more

Florida State v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

If you could combine a post-Coker offense with any post-Coker defense to create a championship team, where would you go?

Great question. For offense, I would take the 2013 Hurricanes, with a healthy Duke Johnson at running back, Stephen Morris throwing bombs at quarterback, and receivers like Allen Hurns and Phillip Dorsett.

On defense, this was a tough one, but I’ll go with the 2018 Canes. I wanted to say 2017, but statistically, the 2018 defense was better, one of the best in the country in fact. You had Gerald Willis having an incredible year at DT, Jonathan Garvin with 17.5 TFLs at DE, and you also had the #1 pass defense in the nation, thanks to DB’s like Jaquan Johnson and Michael Jackson.

Who do you think starts at quarterback in 2021?

While everyone wants me to say Tyler Van Dyke, as of right now I think N’Kosi Perry starts at quarterback week one against Alabama in 2021. I know a lot of Canes fans are a little tired hearing about Perry, but I think that he’s going to be in a great position for his final season at Miami. I think Kosi is a great fit for Rhett Lashlee’s offense and what he’s trying to do.

What’s our weakest position on defense?

I think there are several weak areas on defense, but I believe that cornerback is our biggest weakness. Losing Trajan Bandy a year early to the draft will definitely hurt Miami early this season, as juniors DJ Ivey and Al Blades Jr. are now the two starters at corner. While I think Blades Jr. will breakout as a star in 2020, Ivey needs to be more consistent. He improved towards the end of 2019, now he just needs to do that for an entire season.

And then, behind those two, you have sophomores Christian Williams and Te’Cory Couch. I’m really excited to watch these two guys grow and develop, but early in the season their inexperience may be apparent.

Who’s your breakout true freshman, and who’s your breakout redshirt freshman/sophomore?

I’ve been pretty vocal about who my breakout true freshman will be, running back Jaylan Knighton. I think he’s a perfect fit for this Rhett Lashlee offense with his skill set, and he’s going to be able to compliment Cam’Ron Harris as the Canes second RB. I’m not the only who thinks this either.

When it comes to second year guys for Miami, I have a few players breaking out. I’ll just pick one however, and it’s redshirt freshman receiver Jeremiah Payton. Everyone thought he was going to step up in 2019 in his first season, but that didn’t happen. However, Payton is the pick of many who will not only breakout in 2020, but possibly become the Hurricanes best wide receiver. With great size paired with incredible athletic ability, Payton will flourish in Miami’s new system.

How do you feel about playing a couple home and homes with conference opponents this year if we can’t play out of conference. Or play teams from the Atlantic we never get to play?

I like this idea, but honestly, any scenario where it involves the Canes playing football in 2020 sounds great to me. So I don't care who it is, NC State, Boston College, Syracuse, doesn’t matter, put them on the schedule.

Is Miami-FSU the best rivalry in college football?

As of right now, no. If you were to ask me in 1991 or even 2002, I’d probably say yes. When Miami and FSU were contending for national championships on a yearly basis, and the games were filled with future NFL stars, absolutely this was the best rivalry in college football. When both teams played each other in their heyday, the entire country watched the Canes face the Noles.

Though, with the way both schools have been the past several years, I don’t think you can give them the title of best rivalry. In my opinion, I’d say the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn, or Ohio State vs Michigan is my number one. College football needs Miami-FSU to be great again.

Should we be concerned about Brevin Joran’s injury problems?

I wouldn’t say concerned, but it is a shame that he’s had to deal with injuries throughout his time at Miami so far. When he’s healthy, Brevin Jordan is the best tight end in all of college football. I mean, last year, where he played in half the games, he was still named as a finalist for the John Mackey Award for the nations best tight end. But to answer your question, I'm not concerned about his injuries.