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The King of All Underdogs: Jimmy Murphy

Murphy’s route to the playing field was unorthodox, but he’s remembered as a ‘different’ kind of Hurricanes legend.

Bethune-Cookman v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

When Jimmy Murphy scored his first-ever touchdown in a game against Bethune Cookman, it generated an emphatic celebration from the sideline, despite the lead being 63-0. In a situation such as that, a touchdown that late in the game wouldn’t cause much rejoicing. This one was different though, given all the work it took Murphy to simply make the team, and earn a scholarship.

The run, the somersault, and backstory all made Jimmy Murphy an online sensation.

Standing at 5 foot 7, Murphy instantly had challenges when it came to making the roster. He knew it would take his full, consistent effort to earn a spot. His first opportunities to get onto the field came on special teams, where he was often found near the ball-carrier, covering punts or kickoffs. Murphy took full advantage of all of these chances, becoming an inspiration in the locker room, and a fan-favorite.

Murphy’s pride and devotion to the team and university are things to be noted. He’s the embodiment of how great it is to be a Miami Hurricane. Miami’s locker room seemed to lack focus and effort in 2019—Murphy was a bright spot in a dull, mediocre-at-best season.

Jimmy Murphy gave his all, day-in and day-out, and his selflessness and dedication are things that should bring others up, regardless of result or score.