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MCU: Miami Cinematic Universe - The Infinity War that was the 2019 season

Parallels Between Marvel’s Infinity War and Miami’s Depressing Season

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 27 North Carolina at Miami Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

During the week of May 4th, SBNation will be enjoying a site wide Marvel Week! Which is ironic, since you would think a week starting with May the 4th would be.....well ask Roman Marciante about it.

Anyways the first idea I had to create a piece for this week long event was to draw parallels between Marvel’s Smash hit Avengers: Infinity War, and Miami’s huge flop, the 2019 football season. From start to finish, the connections are there, sometimes to a point of eeriness. As both sagas in question, at their onset, were thought to be bring excitement and fulfillment, each ultimately ended up being known best for their depressing and sobering baselines.

Excitement built for what would be huge opening acts, a matchup between The Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes (which I detailed a Marvel spin here), and the first scene to Infinity War featuring a brawl between Big Bad, Thanos, and the Avengers Strongest Member, the Incredible Hulk.

Unfortunately, the parallels don’t stop at the proposed feature, as both good guys (Hulk and the Hurricanes), put up a fight before getting knocked on their cans.

Thanos Vs Hulk

Florida Vs Miami

After flattening starts, it’s clear that both teams, the Canes and the Avengers, are in for more than they bargained for going into things. Keeping with the parallel between the Hulk and Miami, just as the Hulk is knocked out of the movie for good from the jump, the Hurricanes seem out of sorts for much of the season.

The action doesn’t let up, as in the very next scene, Iron Man, Spider Man, Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange face off against one of Thanos’ minions, Ebony Maw. Three against one, no problem right? Sounds similar to the Canes very next game against the University of North Carolina. Freshman Quarterback on a team that went 2-9 the year before, no problem, right? Wrong on both ends. Iron Man has to start the fight alone, drawing a connection to the Hurricanes slow start to the UNC game, going down 17-3 after the first quarter. Once the reinforcements arrive in Spider-Man and Doc Strange, the fight seems in hand until late maneuvers by Ebonay Maw leave Spider-Man unconscious and Doc Strange kidnapped. In Miami, we call that a “4th and 17”.

Avengers Vs. Ebony Maw

4th and 17 (Brought to you By Roman Marciante)

It’s at this point doubt and an ominous tone begins to envelope both the movie and the season, with on lookers watching in dismay as what was thought to be a formidable pair of groups be blindsided by fights they weren’t prepared for. What would follow is roller coaster of peaks and valleys, centering around struggle, loss and sacrifice. As things truly begin to waver, Miami struggled in the 4th quarter of the PITT game, 3-4 and down late, and the Avengers are overwhelmed in Wakanda by swarms of aliens, a hero, previously left for dead, would return for both squads in moments of need. Thor would rescue the Avengers with a new weapon and a vengeance, while Jarren Williams rescued the Canes versus PITT. Both heroes would reek havoc, with Thor fatality wounding the main antagonist Thanos, and Williams destroying both Louisville and Rival Florida St.

The Return of Thor

The Return of Jarren Williams

Thor Strikes Down Thanos

Williams Strikes Down FSU (3 in a Row)

All seems to be well after a triumphant return and valiant fight by the two heroes, yet swag and bravado quickly turns to terror. Both heroes realize that they are too late. Thor’s selfishness to watch Thanos dies allows Thanos to still get his snap off, killing half of the universe. Similarly, cockiness and sloppiness gets the the best of Miami following the Florida St game, seeing the Canes lose the rest of their games. Most gut wrenching of all, Iron-Man loses Spider-Man and Miami losses, to Florida International. Just like that, half the universe and the rest of the Canes season, turn to dust.

The Universe and the Canes Season Turns to Dust

If there is any caveat, the biggest villains of each group, thankfully, were on their way out. :