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Rivalry Week: 3 in a Row Against FSU

Miami vs. FSU is one of the best rivalries in college football, and for good reason.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After having to take several consecutive painful losses to the Seminoles, the ‘Canes have enjoyed heart-pounding victories for the past three seasons against rival FSU.

Similar to some of FSU’s victories during their winning streak, one call or play has entirely changed the outcome of the recent contests for Miami. Having to endure seven-straight seasons of losses though, Miami fans don’t feel bad whatsoever for the ‘Noles.

Here are some of the memories, as ‘Canes fans, that we have tried to forget about:

The Block at the Rock (2016)

Jameis Winston’s Deflected Pass That Went for a Touchdown (2014)

Duke Johnson’s Injury (2013)

Of course, there’s no shortage of close-wins and losses throughout the rivalry in its entirety (Wide Right/Left, etc.), but even the recent installments still provide adrenaline that can’t be matched.

This game can completely shape the total outcome of the season for either team. While last year’s edition was lackluster (both teams ended with 6-6 regular-season records), it was the first time in about a decade that ‘Canes fans could enjoy a win over the ‘Noles by a ‘comfortable’ margin, beating them 27-10 (the largest margin of victory for either side since FSU’s 41-14 victory in 2013).

Records aside, nothing comes close to this rivalry. Year after year, the opponent that’ll always stand out the most on our schedule is FSU. It’s not simply because of the history, it’s the relief and pure joy of a victory, and the unfortunate, heart-wrenching pain of a loss.