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Best Miami Hurricane Rivalry Moments

Episode 87 on the Orange Bowl Boys carried forth the SB Nation theme of rivalry week with standard debauchery, hint of ineptitude and flare.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When deciding what are the best Miami Hurricane rivalry moments there is a mountain of options to peak on. From the “Wide rights” to the “Wide lefts” the Miami Hurricanes have found themselves dead smack in the middle of perfect pandemonium.

This was my favorite rivalry moment. Wide left. Miami wins. The year was 2002 and Miami would escape in a thriller. There was an illustrious backdrop of the 2001 national championship which shrouded me in a bulletproof orange and green cape.

OK. Well it might of just been a shirt that read F*ck the Seminoles. And way before the advance of swag surfing, there was my version of swag walking. It involved taking a leisurely stroll with such shirt right down band street.

The Seminole band filed into the stadium while myself and my best friend walked ceremoniously in between them. Two opposing forces not phased. Although I would get the occasional side eye from a tuba player, the statement was made. “This is our house!”

The Seminoles are really our true rival. I don’t even think that is opinion. They are the only instate rival that plays us yearly. They are the only one who has been there since the beginning.

The battles for the Seminole War Canoe. Their recent streak of owning us which was embedded with Florida State’s third national championship. The heartbreak of watching Jameis Winston squint at the sideline knowing full well he would materialize a dagger to dash our hopes.

Pounds of flesh have without question been cleaved from both entities at times so unmercifully, it has cost one another championships. If one school didn’t exist, the other school’s championship total probably doubles.

So when the old Orange Bowl erupted after the customary missed kick, the euphoria of the moment caught me in a stranger’s embrace. I will say that haphazardly metaphorical for obvious reasons. But the moment will last with me forever.

I was on the 50 yard line at the peak of the stadium. I was leaning to almost certain death on a rusted fence that I am pretty sure wouldn’t measure up to today’s safety codes. I didn’t care. We beat the Seminoles. That is all that mattered.

Recently on episode 87 of the Orange Bowl Boys Podcast, I asked my fellow cohorts their favorite rivalry memories. SB Nation’s Rivalry week is upon us. What is your favorite rivalry memory?