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Miami Hurricanes QB Prospect Showdown: Milroe vs. Garcia

Student of the Game goes Street Fighter edition when two highly sought after quarterbacks face off in a friendly competition of Highlight showdown.

Miami Hurricanes football practice Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Two quarterbacks one epic showdown video. Now never mind the fact that both quarterbacks are respectively committed to other programs. Both signal callers are more importantly front and center on Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee’s radar.

Entering this corner, Jalen Milroe a 6’3” 194 pound dual threat force who resides in Katy Texas. The Tompkins high school star threw for an impressive 2689 yards in the air including 29 touchdowns via air mail.

This is a dual threat by every sense of the imagination. He has the ability to plant his foot and make a house call or send a surgical strike via his right arm. Milroe also compiled eight rushing touchdowns and amassed 375 rushing yards as a runner.

(Check out the full Jalen Milroe SOTG breakdown released earlier this year)

In this corner you have Jake Garcia. A 6’ 2 1/2 “ slender framed loose cannon. No. Not in the fact he has a propensity to fly off the handle but he is incredibly loose and fluid and he has a cannon where his right arm should be.

Garcia has the ability to be a multiple rhythm deliver of the football. He can throw from multiple angles and trajectories and he obviously has a good mechanical fundamental skill set.

With the recent commitment of Miller Moss to USC maybe the Trojan QB room got a little too full. It is obviously worth circling back on Garcia’s game and seeing what makes the youngster so nationally sought after. However this time around, he has some fan favorite competition to go up against.

Milroe vs. Garcia. Student of the Game combined with Street Fighter in a harmless friendly highlight competition. What quarterback is your favorite? Let the SB Nation decide.