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The Time Is Coming For The Miami Hurricanes

2020 is the start of a new chapter for the Miami Hurricanes

Notre Dame vs. Miami college football Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Patience. It’s a word that all Miami Hurricanes fans are used to hearing, and ever since I became a fan in 2002 at the age of seven, I’ve heard it every offseason. I heard it in 2006 when Kyle Wright was at quarterback. I heard it in 2018 after the Canes’ magical season the year before. Trust me, nobody understands patience when it comes to Miami, better than I do.

And yes, I'm blogging at one in the morning, but I can’t help it, 2020 is the START of something special, a rebirth, of the Miami Hurricanes.

I say start, because the Canes simply aren’t there yet. We’re not Clemson, we’re not LSU, you get the point. I mean heck, we lost to FIU last year, Miami fans don’t really have that much room to talk when it comes to preseason predictions.

We’ve gone through hell and back as Canes fans for the last 15 years. We’ve seen it all pretty much. From the Nevin Shapiro scandal, Al Golden years, one bowl win since 2006, 2019.....yeah we’ve been through it all.

Though, for how awful, disappointing, discouraging, any word in the English language you can think of that what the 2019 season was, 2020 will be better.

I wrote an article like this several weeks ago, but I still hear the same things from Canes fans. “We said the same thing last year.” Or, “this program hasn’t done anything since 2003, why is this the season everything changes?”

And trust me, I hear you. Of all the Hurricanes fans on this planet, I HEAR YOU.

Let me ask you this though. When was the last time we’ve had a quarterback as proven and talented, as D’Eriq King? I’ll answer for you, not since Ken Dorsey.

I’ll ask you another question. Have the Hurricanes ever had an offensive system like the one Rhett Lashlee will running in Coral Gables? The answer is no, well maybe, if you include Dennis Erickson.

When was the last time we had TWO defensive lineman who have produced the kind of stats that Gregory Rousseau and Quincy Roche have? Probably never.

The schedule is there for the Canes. When UNC comes rolling into Hard Rock Stadium on October 24th, you will see. When that team from Tallahassee comes to South Florida on November 7th, you will see. When King hits Brevin Jordan and Dee Wiggins for another touchdown in a blowout win, I hope you remember this article.

You know that feeling Canes fans had in 2017 when Miami laid a WHOOPING on Notre Dame? That feeling is about to be here again. That sense of pride you have when you say, “It’s great to be a Miami Hurricane,” that is coming. Come this time next year, recruits will be wanting to play for Manny Diaz, and you’ll be throwing up the “U” every chance you get, with a good team to back you up.

2020 may not result in a national championship or an ACC title, but it'll be a season that puts Miami back on the map.