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Miami Hurricanes 2020 Player Profile: Jahfari Harvey

The State of Florida’s Most Talented Defensive Lineman is Also It’s Most Underrated

Gregory Rousseau.


15 Sacks. 19 Tackles For Loss.

Future First Rounder in the NFL Draft.

Quincy Roche.

The All-AAC Transfer.

13 Sacks. 19 More Tackles For Loss.

Future First Round Potential.

Jaelan Phillips.

The Number One Defensive Player of the 2017 Class.

Incredible Pedigree.

When those are the names, accolades and accomplishments of your first three defensive ends, most players behind them can be forgotten or taken for granted.

Well, the name that we need to not forget about is:


Before the 30 lbs of muscle Harvey added in his redshirt season with the Miami Hurricanes, the 6’4 defensive end was terrorizing the Treasure Coast with incredible speed, strength and tenacity.

“He’s a man child,” Vero Beach Coach, Lenny Jankowski said. “He’s took to the coaching, and he got better and better each day. He was very disruptive through practice.”

A man child with a hand clocked 4.53 40, a 40” inch vertical, 4.5 shuttle and nearly an 11 foot Broad Jump. Those are all numbers unique to Harvey when discussing this seasons defensive end rotation.

Though local and national coverage are focused mostly on the other ends mentioned, the coaching staff is reminded daily of who and what Jahfari Harvey is. “He is different than those other guys in a good way,” Defensive Coordinator Blake Baker said of comparing Harvey to the talented trio. “He is super twitched up. He has a different skill set than those other guys. In my opinion, if you talk about pure speed, he can run better than any of those other guys. That is something that he uses to his strength, his speed-to-power.”

Lost in the overt physical ability and appearance of the explosive defensive end is that he is a player willing to learn, grind and be patient for his time. In a time when transferring to the easiest path is common, **Cough**Nebraska**Cough**, Harvey is putting in the time knowing that he has two future first rounders to learn from. He knows that Coach Todd Stroud has experience pulling even more talent from the most talent and getting them to the NFL, like the First Overall Pick of the 2006 NFL Draft, Defensive end Mario Williams, formerly of the Buffalo Bills and Houston Texans.

Coach Manny Diaz hasn’t forgotten about Harvey. “He has been a problem to block in practice. He is going to get out there and play and he is going to factor for us next season.”

Harvey has the making of a star in today’s college football and NFL with his build and advanced athleticism. The first step that Harvey brought with him from Vero Beach should be stronger now with Coach David Feeley’s first year molding. His ability to navigate the line of scrimmage with balance should be on display along with his hand play and the teachings of Coach Stroud, and his fellow linemen. What is most surprising and relieving is, at his height, Harvey still features exceptional bend, seen in impact pass rushers throughout the sport.

The physical is all there and quite “exceptional” as Coach Stroud described. Below is an example of how exceptional. The spider graph seen is of free agent Jadeveon Clowney, another former First Overall Draft Pick of The Houston Texans. They are nearly identical to Harvey’s still improving test numbers.

Players that are of the same build and athletic ability per, include Dion Jordan, formerly of the Miami Dolphins, Bradley Chubb of the Denver Broncos and Emmanuel Ogbah of the Super Bowl LIV Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

For Harvey the tools are all there, and the accounts of his coaches and peers about his instinctive nature and high motor tell us that he has the ability to use them properly.

The question less and less seems not to be if Harvey can do it, but when. As mentioned by Coach Baker on a few occasions, we may see it this yea in the form of a NASCAR formation, lining Harvey, Rousseau, Phillips and Roche on the field at one time. Though that fear striking foursome will be great to watch, whenever Harvey DOES get his number called, it will be even better to watch him remind us that number 4 on the vaunted defensive end list also has the makings, of a future first rounder.