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Could we see more Miami Commits playing both sides of the ball in High School?

With football taking place in Florida, will more elite players have to take on a bigger role?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 17 Miami at Virginia Tech Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Just recently, it was announced that Florida High School Football is expected to start on time. This is honestly amazing news because this helps so many recruits to get that opportunity they have been waiting for to get more exposure, get ready for college, and to get those dream offers!

Football is such a beautiful sport and brings so many opportunities to so many individuals. A lot of people depend on it as a way out, source of enjoyment, future job, and way to showcase their talents. For me not being the most athletic player, I found my love for the sport by helping others get their name out there, and make sure I do what I can to make a difference for those who aren't getting the exposure they deserve.

High School Football brings so many memories and helps build your character for the rest of your life. I have done my fair share of giving it my all on the field, 2 surgeries later, and I wish I had more time to strap up my helmet.

So many athletes love this sport and are meant to showcase their given talents. However, what about those who know they won't play at a high level or they just don't simply see the reward by playing during Covid?

What if this leads to many of the depth players deciding they don't want to risk injuries or other health risks by playing this year?

Would this cause those great athletes to step up and fill in those positions of need?

We have seen it so many times with these amazing athletes taking the role and playing both sides, doing whatever they can to help their team.

Now, is this something that will become normal in 2020?

We have seen it each year with Miami commits showcasing their skills on both sides of the ball in High School from Keontra Smith, Marcus Clarke, Xavier Restrepo, Jeremiah Payton, and so many more.

However, we may possibly see a rise in this number for our current class. This can make them better athletes and students of the game by increasing their knowledge mentally and physically.

Some possible commits who can see their time on the field increase are Malik Curtis, Tyler Johnson, Michael McLaughlin, Jabari Ishmael, and even Jacolby George. I feel like since these coveted players don't go to power house schools, they might have to fill in to help their team succeed! With most of these players not fully developed into their bodies, this can add more craft and abilities to their play style when they are finally on campus.

This is a scary sight for schools that don't always get nationally ranked players often, and will need to convince so many that this is the right choice.

This can possibly hurt teams not having their players focus on their position of the future, potentially cause more injuries, and can lead to lack of exposure at one spot due to fatigue.

If the state saw changes for many smaller schools in the roster size, what changes could be made? Do they possibly shorten games and the season for that reason? What should be done to maximize the players safety?

This is going to be a very interesting year for many reasons, who knows how this will affect eligibility, season length, recruiting, and many other factors.

Let me know in the comments other Pros and Cons that can take place this year for High School players!