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Friday Canes Trivia

Let’s see how much you know about your favorite football program.

University of Miami Hurricanes v University of Florida Gators Photos by Miami/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

Welp, it’s Friday, and why not have a little bit of fun while testing our Canes football knowledge? Each Friday morning, I’ll be putting up some trivia questions that I’ve compiled over the years. There’s nothing that goes to the winner, other than the respect and awe of your fellow Miami fans. Post your answers to each question down below, and I will acknowledge the first commenter with all 10 questions answered correctly. So, let’s get to it....

1) In 1992, FSU’s Tamarick Vanover was the victim of a devastating hit in Wide Right II. Which Miami defender delivered the shot?

a) Micheal Barrow

b) Jessie Armstead

c) Darrin Smith

d) Ryan McNeil

2) Who knocked away the two-point conversion attempt to preserve a 31-30 Orange Bowl win and national title in 1983?

a) Jay Brophy

b) Kenny Calhoun

c) Reggie Sutton

d) Troy White

3) Against which of the following schools does Miami NOT have an all-time winning record against?

a) Pittsburgh

b) Oklahoma

c) Florida

d) Penn State

4) Miami started the 1989 season with a 51-3 blowout win on the road at a current Big Ten member school. Which team was humiliated at home by the Canes?

a) Michigan

b) Wisconsin

c) Michigan State

d) Iowa

5) The Orange Bowl Stadium opened in 1937. What was the original name of the stadium?

a) Hurricane Stadium

b) Sunrise Stadium

c) Roddy Burdine Municipal Stadium

d) City Stadium

6) In an effort to promote interest in the upcoming home matchup with Florida State, this Hurricane head coach flew to Tallahassee and held a “shadow boxing” match with FSU head coach Bobby Bowden.

a) Lou Saban

b) Dennis Erickson

c) Howard Schnellenberger

d) Fran Curci

7) In what years did Miami’s 58-game home winning streak beginning and end?

a) 1981; 1992

b) 1982; 1995

c) 1984; 1993

d) 1985; 1994

8) Which Miami squad became the first team in Big East history to record back-to-back shutouts with wins over Rutgers and Pittsburgh?

a) 1991

b) 1992

c) 1996

d) 2000

9) In what year was Miami’s first televised game, and who was the opponent?

a) 1959 at LSU

b) 1955 at Georgia Tech

c) 1955 vs. Notre Dame

d 1961 vs. Penn State

10) What’s the present name of the school relic that fires after every Miami touchdown?

a) Canes Cannon

b) Old Thunder

c) Sebastian’s Cannon

d) Touchdown Tommy