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Fall Camp Updates: Marcus Clarke Impressing At Cornerback, Competition High On Greentree

Miami still hasn’t named their two starters at cornerback, but the unit looks good so far in fall camp

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The Miami Hurricanes are exactly 3 weeks from their season opener, and the intensity on the practice field is rising by the day. Cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph talked to the media after practice on Thursday, and had this to say about how the Canes are competing.

“What Greentree is built on is what we have now, those guys are competing their butts off,” Rumph said. “I would say this is the most competition I’ve seen since I’ve been a coach.”

Rumph says that they’re rotating the 1’s and 2’s at cornerback, and hasn’t named the two starters at that position as of yet. Most would assume it would be juniors DJ Ivey and Al Blades Jr. starting. Though, Rumph has been pleased with how Christian Williams and Te’Cory Couch are playing as well.

“Next few weeks I really want to turn up the competition,” said Rumph.

Another positive note from Rumph, he talked about how the 4 older corners, Blades, Ivey, Williams and Couch, are really helping the younger CB’s learn the defense and adjusting to college football.

“I must say, a lot of those four corners that have been here, they are coaching the heck out of those freshmen. That’s what I love the most. They want each other to get really good” says Rumph.

Something that Rumph said his cornerbacks are trying to improve on is intercepting the football, and says that he’s incorporating ball drills frequently. He said true freshman Marcus Clare is the leader in interceptions in fall camp. Clarke recorded an interception in Miami’s first scrimmage.

Rumph has been impressed with Clarke so far in fall camp. “He’s done some things. He has to work on his technique and get technically sound.....but when the ball is in the air, because he played so much receiver, he does a great job of tracking the ball.”