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Friday Canes Trivia

Let’s find out how much you know about your favorite football program.

FSU v Miami Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Congrats to user Stratos1, who correctly answered 8 of 10 questions from last week’s trivia challenge. Most of the answers were, um, well below this total, so I will try to mix in a few less tricky and/or obscure questions this week. Maybe we’ll work up to those later.

The correct answers from last week are:

1) In 1992, FSU’s Tamarick Vanover was the victim of a devastating hit in Wide Right II. Which Miami defender delivered the shot? a) Micheal Barrow

2) Who knocked away the two-point conversion attempt to preserve a 31-30 Orange Bowl win and national title in 1983? b) Kenny Calhoun

3) Against which of the following schools does Miami NOT have an all-time winning record against? d) Penn State

4) Miami started the 1989 season with a 51-3 blowout win on the road at a current Big Ten member school. Which team was humiliated at home by the Canes? b) Wisconsin

5) The Orange Bowl Stadium opened in 1937. What was the original name of the stadium? c) Roddy Burdine Municipal Stadium

6) In an effort to promote interest in the upcoming home matchup with Florida State, this Hurricane head coach flew to Tallahassee and held a “shadow boxing” match with FSU head coach Bobby Bowden. c) Howard Schnellenberger (how did more of you not get this? Who else would do something this bold?)

7) In what years did Miami’s 58-game home winning streak beginning and end? d) 1985; 1994

8) Which Miami squad became the first team in Big East history to record back-to-back shutouts with wins over Rutgers and Pittsburgh? c) 1996

9) In what year was Miami’s first televised game, and who was the opponent? b) 1955 at Georgia Tech

10) What’s the present name of the school relic that fires after every Miami touchdown? d) Touchdown Tommy

Again, congrats to Stratos1 with 8 correct responses. Now, on to this week’s questions...

1) Ken Dorsey is the winningest quarterback in UM history. What was his career record as a starter?

a) 35-3

b) 38-3

c) 38-2

d) 36-3

2) Who caught the eventual game-winning touchdown pass from Steve Walsh in Miami’s 26-25 comeback win over FSU in Tallahassee in 1987?

a) Brett Perriman

b) Melvin Bratton

c) Michael Irvin

d) Randal Hill

3) This year’s Miami team set school records for total yards per game (482.9) and passing yards per game (324.8)?

a) 1986

b) 2001

c) 2002

d) 1990

4) I was a consensus All-American in 1990 and Outland Trophy winner, helping lead my team to two national championships in 197 and 1989. I was the to overall pick in teh 1991 NFL Draft and won three Super Bowl rings in my ten year NFL career. I was inducted into the college football and University of Miami sports halls of fame. Who am I?

5) In 1997, Miami played its first ever overtime game. Who was the opponent?

a) Boston College

b) Syracuse

c) Pittsburgh

d) Virginia Tech

6) Which of the following former Miami head coaches does NOT have a Super Bowl ring?

a) Jimmy Johnson

b) Lou Saban

c) Howard Schnellenberger

d) Butch Davis

7) This fullback on the 1989 and 1991 championship teams set the school record for career rushing touchdowns with 35.

a) Albert Bentley

b) Stephen McGuire

c) Larry Jones

d) Leonard Conley

8) Miami has gone the junior college route to find a number of impact players. Which of the following was NOT a junior college transfer?

a) RB Willis McGahee

b) DE Jerome McDougle

c) TE Jeremy Shockey

d) OT Bryant McKinney

9) Miami’s all-time record as the #1 ranked team in the AP Poll is:

a) 30-11

b) 28-7

c) 43-6

d) 31-7

10) Sebastian the Ibis was briefly detained by police during the 1989 season for what offense?

a) Tackling the Irish mascot on the sideline

b) Attempting to put out the flame on Chief Osceola’s spear

c) Running onto the field while a play was in progress

d) Snatching a hat off the head of an Alabama fan