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Friday Canes Trivia

Let’s see how much you know about your favorite football program.

Miami Hurricanes Beat Nebraska Cornhuskers for National Championship Photo by Jon Soohoo/WireImage

Congrats to user bbtrpt1, who got the most correct answers to last week’s trivia with NINE. Very well done. The only incorrect answer was in response to question 5 regarding Miami’s first ever overtime game. The correct answer was Boston College, which Miami won in double overtime 45-44 (he answered Pitt). He even got the trap question #3, which I thought would trip up a bunch of people (and did): which team set school records for passing/total yards in a season? That would be the 1990 team, one of the most talented, exciting, and underrated teams in school history.

The correct answers to last week’s questions are:

1) Ken Dorsey is the winningest quarterback in UM history. What was his career record as a starter?

c) 38-2

2) Who caught the eventual game-winning touchdown pass from Steve Walsh in Miami’s 26-25 comeback win over FSU in Tallahassee in 1987?

c) Michael Irvin

3) This year’s Miami team set school records for total yards per game (482.9) and passing yards per game (324.8)?

d) 1990

4) I was a consensus All-American in 1990 and Outland Trophy winner, helping lead my team to two national championships in 197 and 1989. I was the to overall pick in the 1991 NFL Draft and won three Super Bowl rings in my ten year NFL career. I was inducted into the college football and University of Miami sports halls of fame. Who am I? Russell Maryland

5) In 1997, Miami played its first ever overtime game. Who was the opponent?

a) Boston College

6) Which of the following former Miami head coaches does NOT have a Super Bowl ring?

b) Lou Saban

7) This fullback on the 1989 and 1991 championship teams set the school record for career rushing touchdowns with 35.

b) Stephen McGuire

8) Miami has gone the junior college route to find a number of impact players. Which of the following was NOT a junior college transfer?

a) RB Willis McGahee

9) Miami’s all-time record as the #1 ranked team in the AP Poll is:

c) 43-6

10) Sebastian the Ibis was briefly detained by police during the 1989 season for what offense?

b) Attempting to put out the flame on Chief Osceola’s spear

So kudos to bbtrpt1 for a near-perfect showing. On to this week’s questions...

1) Who was MVP of the 1992 Orange Bowl?

a) Gino Torretta

b) Larry Jones

c) Kevin Williams

d) Lamar Thomas

2) When did the Ibis mascot first make an appearance at a Miami football game?

a) 1950

b) 1955

c) 1958

d) 1981

3) A follow up question: how did “Sebastian” the Ibis get his name?

a) He’s named after the first person to play him

b) It was the name given to a real ibis by the members of the Miami zoo

c) It was the name selected by a student vote

d) The original person who portrayed the Ibis lived in San Sebastian Hall, a former university dormitory

4) This hard-hitting linebacker terrorized the middle of the field, taking home the school’s only Dick Butkus Award trophy. Who is he?

5) During this national championship season, Miami defeated five teams ranked in the AP top 10. Which year was it?

a) 1983

b) 1987

c) 1991

d) 2001

6) This former Miami quarterback was a two-time All-American and is a member of the Hurricanes ring of honor. He is also remembered for his game-winning touchdown pass with his non-throwing hand to beat the Gators in Gainesville.

a) Bernie Kosar

b) Jim Kelly

c) Vinny Testaverde

d) George Mira, Sr.

7) From 1997 - 2000, this future NFL star set a school record with 4,384 career all-purpose yards.

a) Santana Moss

b) Edgerrin James

c) Clinton Portis

d) Reggie Wayne

8) This running back came on strong following a knee injury to Frank Gore and earned MVP honors in the 2004 Orange Bowl, rushing for 131 yards in Miami’s 16-14 win over FSU.

a) Jason Geathers

b) Jarrett Payton

c) Tyrone Moss

d) Quadtrine Hill

9) In December 1966, this individual became the first African-American athlete to receive a scholarship from Miami.

a) Tom Sullivan

b) Burgess Owens

c) Ray Bellamy

d) Chuck Foreman

10) Which FSU kicker missed the tying field goal attempt in Wide Right II?

a) Dan Mowrey

b) Xavier Beitia

c) Gerry Thomas

d) Matt Munyon