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Show your pride for “The Crib”

That’s right, kids. Get your “The Crib” shirts here!

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In the Miami Hurricanes season opener against the UAB Blazers — a 31-14 win in which Miami ran for 337 yards and ended up beating one of the better G5 programs by 3 scores, in case you’ve forgotten — the Canes debuted the 2nd version of Touchdown Rings. I wrote about it in the moment, and you can check out the details here.

It’s a great design. Diamonds everywhere. Multiple colors and they all POP instantly, embodying what “The Crib” is all about. And the rings bring to life a statement Miami natives have been using for years. And now, you can rep “The Crib” too!

As we sometimes do, State of the U has partnered with BreakingT to make these great shirts for you. So click the link and add this awesome design to your gameday rotation, and let everybody know that you put on for The Crib.

Go Canes