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Friday Canes Trivia

Time to find out how much you know about your favorite football team.

Miami v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Happy Friday, folks, which means it’s one more chance for you to put your Miami Hurricanes football knowledge to the test. Just about everyone had a solid performance last week, with Stratos1 and Travcane leading the way with 7 correct answers. I was surprised at the number of you who got the question correct about Jim Kelly not winning the Maxwell Award. Thought that would stump more of you. Bravo.

Last week’s correct answers are:

1) Who was the first rookie collegiate head coach since 1948 to lead his team to a national championship?

b) Larry Coker

2) Which of the following did NOT win the Maxwell Award?

d) Jim Kelly

3) Which of the following was the Big East Conference defensive player of the year in 2003?

c) Sean Taylor

4) Miami’s longest win streak over FSU at Doak Campbell Stadium is currently four games. What years does that streak span?

a) 1981-1983-1985-1987

5) Miami has ended four opponents’ winning streaks of 20 or more games, one of only two schools to ever do so. Which of the following schools most recently had such a streak snapped by the Canes?


6) In 2001, Miami set a modern NCAA record for combined margin of victory in consecutive games against ranked opponents, with dominating performances against Syracuse and Washington in the Orange Bowl. What was the combined score of those games?

b) 124-7

7) In 1991, despite going 12-0 and shutting out Nebraska 22-0 in the Orange Bowl, the Hurricanes split the national championship. Who did they share the title with?

d) Washington

8) In which year did Miami NOT win the “State Championship” (beat Florida and FSU)?

b) 1985

9) Who were co-MVPs of the 2002 Rose Bowl/National Championship?

c) Ken Dorsey/Andre Johnson

10) Which former Cane WR scored a touchdown during the 1991 Cotton Bowl and came back up the tunnel firing finger six-shooters at Longhorn defenders?

b) Randal Hill

And now on with this week’s questions....

1) Which of the following was not a part of the “Melting Pot” offensive line from the 1983 national championship team?

a) Ian Sinclair

b) Juan Comendeiro

c) Paul Bertucelli

d) Sherko Haji-Rasouli

2) Who did Jimmy Johnson beat for his first win as Miami’s head coach?

a) Florida

b) Auburn

c) Purdue

d) Rice

3) During which national championship season did Miami start with a 31-3 win at Arkansas?

a) 1987

b) 1991

c) 1983

d) 1989

4) True or False: Brock Berlin ended his college career with a Peach Bowl victory over the Florida Gators.

5) RB Alonzo Highsmith was selected third overall in the 1987 NFL draft by which team?

a) Dallas Cowboys

b) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

c) Houston Oilers

d) New Orleans Saints

6) With seconds remaining in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl/national championship game, Todd Sievers nailed a field goal to send the game into overtime. How long was the kick?

a) 30 yards

b) 33 yards

c) 40 yards

d) 47 yards

7) Which national championship-winning quarterback wore jersey number “4” at Miami?

a) Steve Walsh

b) Craig Erickson

c) Bernie Kosar

d) Gino Torretta

8) As a senior in 2010, I reeled in 72 catches for 1,156 yards and 13 touchdowns, earning All-ACC first team honors. I also was selected by the Washington Redskins in the third round of the 2011 NFL draft. Who am I?

9) What was the last year in the annual Miami-Notre Dame rivalry?

a) 1988

b) 1989

c) 1990

d) 1991

10) What was dubbed “the State of Miami”?

a) The unofficial name given to Miami sweeping FSU and Florida in the same season

b) The recruiting area south of Orlando designated by Howard Schnellenberger as belonging to Miami

c) The Orange Bowl facility during the school’s unprecedented 58-game winning streak

d) The wild and rambunctious state of play by Miami’s flashy players during the 1980s